What is the Bezel on Branded Watches?

The bezel, also called welt, bezel or limb, is a rotating ring around the dial familiar to every watch owner. In some models, the bezel serves exclusively as a decorative element. The classic function of the rotary ring is to mark time intervals on a scale, similar to a timer. Fixed bezel A fixe... Read now

How to Choose Connected Watch - Guide

In this guide to the best smartwatch, we'll walk you through choosing the best smartwatch to buy based on a series of factors, in order to identify the wearable that best meets your needs. In the first part of the guide, you will find the comparison and reviews of the best smartwatches of all time. ... Read now

Magic Roll with BIO plants

Magic Roll with BIO plants - easy to use and transport - anti-inflammatory properties - against muscle pain - against joint pain - soothes skin irritations Magic Roll with BIO Kräuter® plants brings you a UNIQUE anti-pain concept, in roll-on format, extremely easy to use and transport. ... Read now

All Hallows Eve

It was never intended to be Halloween as such but was known as All Hallows Eve. It derives from the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain,. Christians celebrate it as All Saints Day. Samhain comes from a Celtic word meaning "Summer's end" and when the harvest season is done it marks the begin... Read now

Nigeria corona is a big set up

The Nigerian government lock all the border inter state so that they can’t be movement and everybody should say st hope killing us slowly corona virus is a set up to break out economy down I’m sad it has to be this way When am traveling the government official that are set to stop the virus... Read now


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AGAINST CORONAVIRUS - Cryptotaby your Friend from Cryptotab Space! Lets Shine Together! - Cryptotab Browser -AffPromoVideo

Hi TuetegoFriend. HELP US AGAINST CORONAVIRUS-COVID19 TAKE CARE STAY AT HOME! SHARE These “Tags” Below and Thanks: HELP US AGAINST CORONAVIRUS-COVID19 TAKE CARE STAY AT HOME: #HelpUsAgainstCoronavirusCovid19TakeCareStayAtHome #HelpUsAgainstCoronavirusCovid19TakeCareAndShareThisTag “Cr... Read now

Proving Near-Death Experiences

The subject I want to write about is Near-Death experiences. A lot of people experience Near Death Experiences where they first have an Out of Body experience and then they go into a tunnel and see a brilliant light. Often the cause is a fatal accident or a heart attack. One experiences a blissfu... Read now

Giving you will acquire!

Hi dear friends I am glad to see that from time to time ... you enter one more and post something ... Why post if no one comments? I wonder, why don't you comment, dear friends? Don't know that this site is socializing? How do I comment if you don't comment? I have commented many times and I hav... Read now

How to increase your positive energy

To increase your flow of positive energy, reserve time on Sunday for yourself The modern rhythm of life often does not allow you to find enough time for yourself, so it would be good to practice a ritual once a week that will help you erase everything that has accumulated negatively in your daily... Read now