Soothing lotion for massage

Soothing lotion for massage with BIO plants has a relaxing effect for the arms, legs and back. activates blood circulation excellent antispastic relaxes muscles healing effect Herbal extracts have a stimulating effect on blood circulation, soothe and reduce the feeling of muscle fatigue. * BE... Read now

Welcome to October

October means colorful falling leaves and a cold north wind that plays with your hair, I also means many exciting holidays are on the way. October is the tenth month of the year, however, in the original Roman calendar it was the eighth month, Confusing isn't it? This was because January and Feb... Read now

Facing depression

Depression isn't a game; it's peoples lives.. So I found this great article that lists celebrities that openly speak out about their depression. Its something I have suffered with for years since I was attacked at the age of 19. Actress Gabrielle Union (who starred in bad boys 2) also was attacke... Read now

Two fastest deliveries in the international cricket

Two fastest deliveries in the international cricket There have been very few bowlers in international cricket who have lost the slit of the batsmen with their bowling. They were the cause of terror and fear for the great bowler batsmen of their times, which cricket fan can forget the two balls of S... Read now

Three Batsmen who scored fastest half century in the history of IPL

Indian Premier League (IPL) has completed 12 seasons so far, so today we are going to tell you about those players who made fastest half-century in the history of the IPL. Hardik Pandya is a aggressive and very explosive batsman. He haility to hit boundaries and sixes at any point of the game. In... Read now


The Sad Painter »»» (please read, comment, like. thanks) Hi, yes i'm talking with you! Imagine a painting in nice tiles, made on a very old wall in the municipal garden, in our village, town, or city. Look-well, more closely, Ok ... do not be afraid ... Yes that way! More closely ok... Read now

Tips and Recipe for longevity:

1. Do not consume more calories than you burn. 2. Eat an apple every day. 3. Drink cold water and plant extracts.  4. Do not give up an active way of life. 5. Take a shower every day. 6. Sleep in a cool, airy room. 7. Daily make time to walk or bike 10-15 km. 8. Be with friends, enjoy, lau... Read now

How to focus your mind on the work

Focus on your work and do not think about their result because the result is not in your hand. This is the key to success or solution of every problem of your life. Try to apply this thing in your life and one day definitely you get success in your life. This is called "Rule of Karma of the Life. ... Read now


HIVE OFFERS Hive offers is offering more than 20 job categories to choose for selling your micro job gigs for making online money. They claim to provide highest paying micro jobs never the less than $0.20 bucks or maximum $50 bucks per task. micro workers and employers both can sign up here a... Read now

The Forest

Hi friends! It’s been a while since I was not active! I have decided to write a few thoughts, hoping to know your point of view! I am from Romania, a country I appreciate very much! Unfortunately, I can say that we, as a nation, do not accept to evolve and change things to make life even bette... Read now