By Aylin
1 years ago

Good decisions

Often we are not sure about some decisions. However, because of most small or big decisions, we are happy. Then we ask ourselves "What if I didn't make this decision?" Everything we are thinking of doing is 99% good for us. I can't think of a decision that was not good for me. Fear is a problem. He is not truly friend.
If we don't have decisions, we don't have life. The best thing you can do it's to make your decision, about something you really want. First step is most important. That first step is to make decision. This step is very hard.
Why we feel sad? Because of decisons we didn't made on time. We will be sad because of it not because of wrong decision ( some people count avoiding decision like making them). Time flies. We can't travel to the best. Only thing we can do is to make decisions now.

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