By evanmurray
2 years ago

Top Unusual Customs Gathered around the World Trip

Traveling is also going to meet the different peoples of the world and, of course, their habits and customs. Some traditions can really seem surprising to us, and what we might consider bad tone in our country could have a whole other meaning beyond our borders. Update on some of the most unusual customs around the world.

10: Diagonal windows in Vermont, USA
In Vermont, in the northeastern United States tour, you will find that some houses have windows that are not vertical or horizontal, but diagonal. Legend has it that these windows would protect houses and their inhabitants from witches by preventing them from entering.

9: The delay, a proof of respect in Venezuela
Never try to be early or even on time in Venezuela! You might be mistaken for someone impatient or overly greedy. Venezuelans have a custom of respecting a delay of 10 to 15 minutes as a sign of politeness .

8: Baby release: a religious custom in southern India
One of the most dangerous and unusual customs in the world takes place in the city of Solapur in the southern part of India: the release of a baby. For several centuries, a local religious organization has encouraged parents to throw their babies from the top of a 15-meter building before they are retrieved below, on a stretched sheet. Good news, this tradition is on the way out

7: Watch out for gifts in China
Are you going on a trip to China soon ? If you have a gift to offer on the spot, be careful not to go about it at random. Certain objects are in fact associated with negative images , such as flowers which represent mourning, clocks as time goes by, or even handkerchiefs, a sign of sadness.

6: Funny bachelorette party in Scotland
In Scotland, shortly before the wedding, the friends of the bride-to-be gather around an event expected by all. They cover the poor bride with rotten fish , mud, curds, outdated sauces and various filth. Tradition has it that if the bride-to-be survives this difficult time, she will be able to survive the pangs of marriage.

5: Celebrating births in Kenya
In Kenya, in the Maasai tribes, when a baby has just been born, it passes into the arms of all the women of the village so that they spit in his mouth . This tradition would bring good luck to the baby.

4: Eat with chopsticks in Japan
Japan is a country with a strong emphasis on politeness, including when it comes to meals. Practice eating with chopsticks before your trip to Japan , as the use of cutlery is considered poorly polished . And if you have to serve yourself in a common dish, consider using the ends of the chopsticks that have not touched your mouth.

3: Cry to get married in China
In China and more particularly among the Tujia people, girls who are to get married must cry for an hour every day during the month preceding the wedding. 10 days after the start of the event, the mother joins the tradition, then the grandmother another 10 days later. Crying is seen as an expression of joy, not sadness.

2: Lucky chewing gum in Seattle, USA
In Seattle, in the northwest of the United States, a 20-year-old tradition has it that people passing by the Theater Market on Post Alley stick chewing gum on its walls. This would prevent bad luck. Today, the building is completely covered with multicolored rubber and is one of the flagship attractions of the district.