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The world is now jealous of the Galaxy Watch4 owners. It's March 2022, and it's still the only watch with Wear OS 3. While this watch is Samsung's latest smartwatch offering, the company is working on the next iteration. According to the Korea IT Times, the Galaxy Watch5 may come with a built-in thermometer.

Right now, the Galaxy Watch4 has many different sensors to help you assess your health. It's impressive that companies can fit so many sensors into such a small device, but they keep adding more. Most smartwatches and fitness trackers are rated based on the accuracy of their sensors.

We now have a report that Samsung will be adding another sensor. Currently, you can collect all sorts of information with current sensors such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, sleep patterns, etc. Now Samsung wants to add your temperature to that.

The company is going to add a built-in thermometer to the Galaxy Watch5 This makes sense since not everyone carries a thermometer with them (most people don't even have a thermometer at home). This means that it is not always possible to get instant information about your body temperature.

A thermometer attached to your wrist will be very helpful, especially if you are sick. Any rise or fall in temperature may indicate a potentially serious health problem.

There's a reason why thermometers are placed in your mouth, under your arms, and elsewhere . They should be in a location with minimal exposure to ambient temperature. So they can accurately measure your body temperature.

However, having a thermometer on your wrist presents a problem. Your wrist is affected by the ambient temperature, so measurements will not accurately represent your body temperature. If you run for an hour and take your skin temperature, it will show a temperature slightly higher than your true body temperature.


The new leak also suggests that temperature-tracking headphones could be on the way too.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 learned how to measure temperature using a built-in thermometer.

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The next Samsung Galaxy Watch smartwatch will apparently come with a thermometer to give wearers the ability to track body temperature.

This is reported by ET News, which claims that the Korean tech giant will introduce a thermometer feature in its next-generation smartwatch that can help detect symptoms of Covid-19.

The publication also says that Samsung has found a way to accurately measure body temperature, and this technology will be implemented in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, which will apparently be released in August 2022.

In addition to bringing thermometer technology to smartwatches, the company is also envisioning the launch of a set of Samsung Galaxy Buds with similar temperature tracking support, and believes that Samsung has already completed a smart earphone prototype.

If temperature tracking comes to the next Samsung Galaxy Watch, it won't be the first smartwatch to offer this feature. The Fitbit Sense smartwatch includes a skin temperature sensor, as does the Amazfit series of smartwatches, as well as Mobvoi's TicWatch GTH watch and the upcoming GTH Pro watch, which also promise temperature tracking support.

In addition to the watch, Whoop 4.0 can track skin temperature, and Oura Ring 3 smart ring already offers the ability to monitor body temperature.

This ability to track body temperature rather than skin temperature means that, in theory, Samsung could use this information to determine if you've gotten sick or infected.

Samsung has already added an ECG sensor to its Galaxy Watch for more accurate heart tracking and blood pressure monitoring. So adding body temperature tracking will still turn their smartwatch into a more powerful health tracking device. This will also put it ahead of Apple in terms of monitoring, as its watch currently only offers ECG support on Series 6 and Series 7 smartwatches.

This is, of course, a lot of unsourced speculation, assuming Samsung adds this potentially important new feature to its next smartwatch.

Compared to some of the other important health monitoring features that have been rumored about the Galaxy Watch in the past, it seems like it could be. There are already examples of wearable devices that can track body temperature. The key is whether Samsung can bring this monitoring to the level of accuracy that really makes it useful.

We're sure this won't be the last we hear about this before Samsung officially unveils the Galaxy Watch 5.
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