Shepherd’s Pie

2 lbs. potatoes peeled 1 1/2lbs. ground beef or a combination of ground beef and ground pork ½ lb. mushrooms 2 medium carrots sliced 1 medium onion chopped ½ cup chopped celery 2 – 3 garlic cloves crushed 2/3 cups beef broth 2 tsp. cornstarch Salt, pepper Soy sauce Canned crushed tom... Read now

Why Kong and I Have a Lot in Common. (Beside, being primates).

With the release, sometime next year of Godzilla v Kong, I relate to Kong, on 'Skull Island'. Skull Island, is the giant ape's, personal domain. On the island, Kong, guards the peace and the other creatures, on the island, jealously. The giant ape was born and raised, on the island, and knows... Read now

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Hi and Welcome to: "Gram Free NEWS Channel" - Don't lose THE NEWS, THE BIG NEWS !! This is the Best Solution Against COVID Economic Health: WORKING FROM HOME, with No Risks, fisical, or economic! You will Learn: How to Make Money Daily, on Autopil... Read now

BTC BYTE MINER Software - Working and Paying - News_Room_News (youtube free audio library) 6

Hello dear friend. BTC BYTE MINER - the One, most popular software Paying less on each time, but a Lot of times and Always. So, here less is Very Much, a lot of Bitcoins Forever! BTC BYTE MINER: is Working and Paying! Good News!! This Software is the Best That Works Online/and at home. ... Read now

Beautiful Indian female cricketers who looks like Angel

Priya Punia Priya Punia won the hearts of many people with her beauty and her superb batting style. In the given image, you can see how elegant Priya Punia appear appear. Anyone can lose their senses after looking her images. She is 23 years antique. She has played five One Day International matche... Read now

Panic attacks

I have wanted to write an article on panic attacks for quite some time. I understand that panic attacks affect people greatly, on an emotional and physical scale. Many things can trigger panic attacks, to my experience they are some-what self-induced. Because I suffer from (ADHD) it makes me more pr... Read now


Are You Tired of Struggling? Are You Tired of Living Paycheck to Paycheck? Are You Tired of Wishing You Had A Better Life? Do You Dream About Spending More Time with Your Family Doing the Things You Love? What if you, were given the solution to no longer live a life of lack, scarcity, and fear. Woul... Read now

7 Methods of Online Work

I did an article forever and a day ago talking about my continuing hunt for freelance work via the internet. That article seems to be really popular and in the time since then I've found some tentative success. I say 'tentative' because the reality is that I could lose this work very, very easily. H... Read now

Like Rain!

With warm hands I covered you like rain, Kiss of water on the lips, With the wind through the leafy pleats I drown words in the sheet. In the arms of the mackerel in a hurry I feel your breath in me, My lungs die without you, I slip into a whisper with fear. In the palms I collect memori... Read now

Social Media profiles

You can link the portfolio of your social media profiles. Almost all social networks will give you a profile page in order to submit your blog or website. By doing so, you will not get traffic flow to your blog. But it will make it easier for other people tracking you down or just learn more abou... Read now