Best Garmin Vivoative 4 Watch Review

Garmin vivoactive 4S, Black / Gunmetal This watch presented to us by the Garmin brand is in a black color perfect for people who like dark colors. It would also be perfect to wear on a daily basis, it can also be adapted to any outfit for its simplicity. It comes with several features including 20 ... Read now

Skull Tower, Nish, Serbia

A grisly reminder of the bloodshed of the First Serbian Uprising is a tower literally made of rows of human skulls in quicklime. The story goes that during the Battle of Čegar, the Serbian trenches were being overrun by attacking Ottomans. So the commander Stevan Sinđelić personally detonat... Read now

What is the Correct Frequency of Updates for a Mobile App?

Customers often devote all their energy to developing the 1st version of their application and publishing it on the stores, which is quite normal, but quite often neglecting to think of an update strategy . Updating an application regularly and several times a year is important in several ways fo... Read now


Memory "You are a mother. I believe you and I know how tired you are and that sometimes you feel like the situation is beyond you. That's why I propose something to you! Close your eyes and imagine your life in 20-30 years. You will wake up one morning , in the same room you are in now. Everything ... Read now

Lake Semetes

There is one interesting natural phenomenon in Kopaonik,Serbia. This is the lake the islands sail through. The lake is about 60m in diameter and the largest island is 15m long and overgrown with vegetation, and there are even a few tall trees on it. In addition to this island, there are several s... Read now

Three beautiful women cricketers who make you crazy

Today we bring for you three beautiful women cricketers who will make you crazy. These three women cricketers are just not beautiful but also good cricketers. Her fans are always desperate to get a glimpse of her. Let us talk about them. Alisa Perry is a 29-year-old Australian cricketer. In her c... Read now

Information about 2019 Novel Coronavirus

A new breed of coronavirus that is responsible for the current outbreak of coronavirus in China and some parts of the world was identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China on December 2019. Towards the end of the first week of March 2020, over 100,000 people were infected with over 3,000 deaths recor... Read now

Good decisions

Often we are not sure about some decisions. However, because of most small or big decisions, we are happy. Then we ask ourselves "What if I didn't make this decision?" Everything we are thinking of doing is 99% good for us. I can't think of a decision that was not good for me. Fear is a problem. He ... Read now

The negative energy will return weakly to you. Don't talk bad about anyone.

Each of us, regardless of culture, religion or ethnicity, is guided in life by certain words of wisdom that create differences between people and generate the character of each of us. 1. Wake up with the sun and pray. Pray for yourself. Pray often. Someone up there is listening to you. You just h... Read now

Reasons to consume sesame seeds

The history of sesame as a medicine begins about 4,000 years ago, in ancient Egypt, Babylon and Assyria. Women in the Babylonian empire used a mixture of honey and sesame seeds (halva) to prolong youth and beauty, and Romanian soldiers ate the mixture for strength and energy. Susanus is grown in Ind... Read now