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Welcome to October

October means colorful falling leaves and a cold north wind that plays with your hair, I also means many exciting holidays are on the way.

October is the tenth month of the year, however, in the original Roman calendar it was the eighth month, Confusing isn't it? This was because January and February had not been added to the calendar yet. It was Julius Ceasar who expanded the calendar and made each year have twelve months,

October gets children excited because they look forward to Halloween. Adults prefer the celebration of Octoberfest that happens at the beginning of this month,
Octoberfest is a beer festival which has become popular all over the world. It is also celebrated in other countries. The most popular Octoberfest is celebrated in Munich, Germany, and has been held there since 1810. The festival marks the beginning of the new beer brewing season, This festival begins in September and ends at the beginning of October.

This has been a rough year for us all and unfortunately, the Octoberfest was canceled this year but you can make plans for the next year 2021. It will be held from September 18 to October 3.

But you know what makes me very sad? That is Halloween in many places if not all, has been also canceled this year. If there are Halloween celebrations you must follow the special rules due to COVID regulations,
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