By bule97
3 years ago

Sulfate-free shampoos

Did you know that sulfate-free shampoos can help restore hair? Here's how!

If your hair is not healthy, it means that you may be wrong in the way you care for your hair. All-natural hair washes allow you to properly care for your hair and restore its lost vitality and shine.

Did you know that most hair or body wash products contain sulfates?
They can cause various complications and skin irritations. Some of you may have felt your skin itch after bathing, but you don't know why.

Most of us, precisely because of the presence of sulfate, struggle with trying to recover our hair. Thanks to that, it is more and more damaged and dry, and it is not recovering in any way. Sulfates can be very aggressive and literally destroy the structure of the hair and upset the balance of subuma production on the scalp.