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What is the Bezel on Branded Watches?

The bezel, also called welt, bezel or limb, is a rotating ring around the dial familiar to every watch owner. In some models, the bezel serves exclusively as a decorative element. The classic function of the rotary ring is to mark time intervals on a scale, similar to a timer.

Fixed bezel
A fixed, fixed bezel is most often a design element that does not perform other functions. However, let's turn to the world's most durable Casio G-Shock watch . The example of the Mudmaster model shows that the bezel protrusions serve as additional protection for the glass, which is slightly recessed into the case.

The bezel relief protects the glass from impacts and scratches

A bezel decorated with diamonds or crystals is often the first thing that draws attention to women's watches Ladies all over the world love such exquisite models. In the CONSUL catalog, we advise you to take a closer look at the exquisite Swarovski ladies' watches from the Lovely Crystals series with an elegantly designed lunette.

Rotatable bezel
The rotating bezel on the watch rotates in a single or both directions. Be sure to find out which model with which rest you have purchased, so that an attempt to turn in the wrong direction does not damage the part and does not spend money on service services . Pay particular attention to this aspect when choosing a diver's watch

Diving watch bezel
The bezel of a diver's watch is invariably unidirectional. For the conqueror of the depths, a watch with good water resistance will be compared in importance with an oxygen cylinder. On the scale of the bezel, the scuba diver marks the moments of ascent and dive. With the help of a welt, the diver controls how much oxygen is left. An accidental rotation of the steady rest can lead to sad consequences at depth, because then the diver will increase the diving time, and the oxygen supply will remain the same. Therefore, the manufacturers of iconic diving models make sure that the swivel ring is securely locked.
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