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The Sad Painter
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Hi, yes i'm talking with you! Imagine a painting in nice tiles, made on a very old wall in the municipal garden, in our village, town, or city. Look-well, more closely, Ok ... do not be afraid ... Yes that way! More closely ok.

Now listen! Do not hear some sounds? Make an effort to be rewarded ... "tshshuuuupstttttushhhh"
Didn't I say?!
This painting has a story, as all the paintings existing around the globe.
I call your attention to this story. It is special because it contains the painter himself: THE SAD PAINTER.

PAINTER - I'm fed up with being here, stuck in this painting, this wall! - said the painter painted in the mural of this Municipal Park. Its colourful tiles in shades of blue, embellished that flowered wall and admired by all people because of that painter since so many years ago.
PAINTER - Since Twenty years that I am here! I'm fed up, is so dull, I don't know what to do ... it's always the same thing: paint, paint again and I can never finish this painting! - said the Painter.
He was thinking right. This painting had been made since twenty years exactly. Today was a special day, completing twenty years, one more Sad Anniversary for which nothing happened different to celebrate.
It missing only five minutes from start the commemoration of the last strokes of this work.
Until the time came, our painter was trying to finish his incomplete paint-screen.
With the brush in hand, arm stretched and although struggling, unfortunately he could not move.
This Painter was and felt trapped, trapped in the prison made of beautiful blue tiles.
Was very unfortunate this Painter inside the old wall. Noted on his face a sadness expression, of such a way that who passed through that place called him "The Sad Painter".
Never discovered the meaning of its incompleted paint-screen. Looked like a person with ... No ... maybe a tree like that ... also not ... anyway, it was strangely beautiful and mysterious.
Suddenly, at the end of the afternoon the weather changed. Many rain-laden clouds appear in the sky, blowing a cold and sharp air.
Shortly after, the bang of Thunder shook the entire Park and the trees trembled with fear.
PAINTER - It Was just what was missing on my birthday, a rush. I wish I could get out of here, walking through the Park and shelter me somewhere else! Damn prison! - said the Painter.
There no longer to fall the first drops of water.
PAINTER - I didn't say, is already raining! I'll get all wet! - said the Painter.
Time had come ... Congratulations to you for these 20 years!
Something never seen, was about to happen ...
Then, amid noisy drops, a bright lightning glided quickly on zigzags, falling loud about the painting painted on the wall of the municipal park.
Everything was illuminated as if it were day and the painted wall burned as flimsy sheets of paper.
Poor sad painter, had reached its end. Lived only twenty years, but was finally released from prison imposed by its creator.
Time was passing and the fire went missing altogether. The storm had gone his way and after, the good time arrived.
Shortly after someone coughed. As it was possible if there was no one in the Park?!
Again heard the same sound. Yes, someone coughed and a very weak and hoarse voice was heard.
PAINTER - What a great fright! - coughed - Thought that died! - said the Painter.
The unexpected had happened!
PAINTER - Where am I? I can't see my paint-screen, my painting? Or my brushes?! - was confused - But, I'm not in the wall ... I'm on the floor! ON THE FLOOR! - said the Painter.
On the wet floor, the painter was jumping with joy, very happy with his birthday present.
PAINTER - I'm no longer stuck in the painting! I'm free, free, Free! - said the Painter.
Screamed with joy the Sad Painter, no sad but happy! From today on would be called: the Happy Painter, released by magic through the Nature's Hand. And now, where to go? - thought the Painter.
PAINTER - I know! First I will know the rest of the Park. I want to drink water at the "ugly face" fountain, then will see! - said the Painter.
Crossed the Park, running through between the legs of some people who returned with damage caused by curious sudden storm.
The night slowly emerged and was accompanied by Mrs. Moon in her white shawl of clouds. It reflexes could be seen in the beautiful Silver River a few feet below the named "viewpoint of spy".
Plim plim, chap, chap ... water sounds were blown from the mouth of the "ugly face", to fall into the stone basin below. Next to the fountain, the artist jumped to the stone basin, when a few drops of water wet our friend.
PAINTER - But, what is this? I am losing the ink! I must run quickly from here! - and jumps to the ground.
At that very moment, a cheeky boy approached to drink water.
BOY - Mom, I go to drink water here! - said the young boy. Is mother agreed.
For very little not collided with the painter. The scare is great for both.
BOY - Mom, Mom - screams - I saw a tiny little ghost ... transparent, gray! - said the little boy.
BOY'S MOTHER - A ghost?! - laughs - there you are imagining things. Come and play here, I don't want you dirty or wet! - said his mother.
BOY - But it's true! Look, disappeared! - said the boy.
Hidden behind bushes, our painter was unhappy.
PAINTER - A ghost, me?! ... and they also are afraid. I can't walk freely around, and confuse me with a ghost! Also can't drink water without disappear! How sad ... and I wanted to be equal to the true painters! - said with sadness our Sad Painter.
Thinking about his sad fate, he was so distracted that not realized a loving dog approach sniffing that place and watching that "animal", erected the ears starting loudly barking.
The painter tries to remove it from there.
PAINTER - Go away, get out of here! - said the Painter.
Realizing that he could not do more, began a non-stop running. The dog chased him wagging his tail of joy.
And now, how to escape of this tremendous Monster? - thought the Painter.
Already out of the garden and almost losing its strength, still managed to jump and slide through an opening mailbox, some meters below the Park.
PAINTER - Uuuuuuuuiii ... What a great slide, it seems the slide-boys of the municipal garden! I am saved, for very little was eaten ... I'm so tired, I don't remember of running so much in my entire life. Now I remember, I never run in my life! - thought breathing bottom – Where am I? What place is this? Is a House?!? It's so dark that is almost impossible to see around! - said the Painter.
He walks slowly, thinking what more is going to happen next?
PAINTER - What's this on the wall? ... are paintings ... my family are there ... so beautiful! - said the Painter almost crying.
This beautiful place was an Art Gallery.
PAINTER - So many pictures, so many colorful paintings! - said the Painter enchanted.
He was very confused, had never seen anything like this before.
PAINTER - But are different paintings of those where I was before! Are paintings done on painting frames, home wall paintings!
On a wall could read: Art Gallery, later over a closed door was written - Atelier.
PAINTER - I also know this place, is where they do paintings ... I think was there they made me, or not! - said the Painter.
Walking, observing carefully and curious, the painter heard a noise.
PAINTER - What was this? Heard a noise?!? They comeback to take me away, I need to hide me! - said the Painter.
Later, in a corner, was an huge statue, at least for him.
PAINTER - There must serve, behind that statue - started racing - I'm so afraid! - thought.
Already behind the statue of Saint Luzia, the Sad and frightened Painter is waiting.
Then he saw a light across the room to him. Flashlight in hand, the clumsy thief enjoyed carefully all the filling of the Art Gallery.
THIEF - Ho my gosh - thought happy analyzing a famous picture of Pablo Picasso. Suddenly, the light pointed to where the painter was hidden. Our little friend, be discovered and shuddered terrified.
PAINTER - I have been discovered! - thought.
Then our friend tried to escape running as he could.
THIEF - But, what is this? Is a Living Painting ... this'll will make me very rich, a millionaire! - chasing the painter -
Come here my beautiful, I'm not evil! - said the thief.
The sad Painter, hidden behind a red velvet curtain, thought: wanted you! I have to go up to the front door ... but it's so far! Wanted so much to go back to the garden Wall. There, all appreciated me and I was a work of art. Now I am ... a ghost, a thing ... - thought sad.
THIEF - Come here, with me you will be very happy! - said the thief.
Continuing hidden, the painter decided: it's allready night, i must go out from here now! - thought.
His attention goes to a window a little opened over him. There perhaps would be able to escape.
PAINTER - I have to make a good jump ... what if I can't? I have to run the risk .... can't fail and the bad guy is already close! - thought preparing to jump - Here goes, one ... two ... three!
And jumped to the window's sill. Almost fell.
Shouted with joy the Sad Painter. Now, just needed to go through the keyhole of the window. Then passing by, a current of air pushed him inside the gallery.
PAINTER - HELP!!! - shouted.
Screamed the painter trying to hold struggling against the wind and his forces were decreasing. Once more out discovered.
THIEF - You are here! You thought to escape away from me?! Now you'll see what I will do to you! - said the thief.
On the windowsill, in imbalance, the painter held with great difficulty. The wind force was huge and him, very weak. However the thief had already risen to the top of a large box, stretching his arm searching the painter.
PAINTER - I'm seeing the thief's hand! It's now or never! - thought.
With great effort, walked leaning forward and crossed the small space that gave onto the street.
PAINTER - GOT IT! RID me of it! - said the Painter.
And slipped by one drainpipe, until the darkness of the deserted Street. In the gallery the thief grumbled.
THIEF - Damn you, almost got it. I'm Furious! But I don't go away with empty hands! - said the thief.
Shortly after, heard the police car siren.
So much confusion in such a short liberty time.
Back to the Park and moving away from the "ugly face" fountain, the Forbidden Fountain, our friend was lonely, sad, up to his last home, the beautiful Flowered Wall.
Opened a lot his eyes to see a mysterious person watching that place.
PAINTER - Will be the thief? No, don't think so! But he is cleaning the tiles! I'll see more closely, I have to be very careful! - said the Painter.
Was a man with a grey raincoat and a beret on his head. Was sad, cried out.
ARTIST - So much work for nothing! Everything is destroyed! It took me a month and an half to finish my work. Now, only ashes! - said the artist.
The Sad Painter, hidden behind a tree, almost dropped a tear.
PAINTER - I cannot cry because destroy my ink! - cleaning his eyes - Poor man, are so discouraged! But I think I know him ... is My Creator, was he who made me! A Great Artist! - said the Painter.
Crestfallen, the Artist moved away slowly.
PAINTER - Look, is going away. – screams – WAIT!
But the Artist was unable to hear it.
PAINTER - And now, what will be my life? I'm so sorry to have desired to know the world of men, of the artists.
After all, there are bad men, monsters, people without feelings! Even though they are not all the same! ... I wish go back to my painting, as if nothing had happened! It would be the end? - thought our friendly painter.
The day began to lighten. One more day to punish him and visitors were there any moment.
PAINTER - I have to hide me better! – It searches for a good place – There must serve! - and hides in an opening underneath below the statue of Saint Mary of the Martyrs, getting covered by tall grass.
Then, someone approached. Were several municipality workers, commented the incident: - This storm made it! - So much dirt, let's clean up this guys! - Don't talk. work! - they said. Great hassle, one was sweeping, the other guy cutting and then caught the damaged branches, the third one was washing the tile wall, the old and nice home of Sad Painter.
PAINTER - The painted tiles are appearing! ... I'm seeing the painting! ... but, it seems not severely damaged?! ... who knows ...? – is thoughtful.
They took two hours, cleaning all damages. The painting's painter appeared in our old Wall, with a small restoration everything would be as before. Missing only a very special detail.
PAINTER - Oh ... what a beautiful! Thank God it was not all destroyed. I have to go back to my painting before appear anyone else! ... have to go fast! ... BUT HOW? - said the Painter.
Next, preparing to leave his hideout when a loving puppy strolling by the local sniffing the best site for its needs. One more problem for our little friend.
PAINTER - Another hairy monster, I was descovered. HELP! - screamed while ran. The dog barking of delight and surprise at the same time. It was a toy for him, a toy that running ahead in the direction of the wall.
There was no way out, neither could retreat. The time had come, could not fail and. .. ZAP ... With a spectacular jump, the Sad Painter returned to their tiles, his beautiful painting in shades of blue.
What a nightmare. Finally the Freedom! Was back at his Home. Then heard:
ARTIST - Why are you barking Captain? Come here! - the Captain can't took the eyes of painting in the wall. Then, curious the creator approached the painting and:
ARTIST - Come on, don't you hear me? - silent - look at the paint - MIRACLE! The Sad Painter has returned! My work was not destroyed. I am so happy Captain! Thank-you my God! - said the appreciated painter.
Were very happy our two painters, the real and our little friend.
Finally the Sad Painter returned to his work. Will end it artistic painting? This was not the most important, but his return to the Park and to the world of art.
Another miracle had happened: A beautiful smile on the lips of the Sad Painter.
ARTIST - Let's go Captain, I have to back to work. Everything is as before! - already went the garden when ...- Wait! This smile was not here!?! The Painter is smiling Captain! Was it because of the storm? ... Strange ... You know Captain, is MUCH BETTER AS WELL! CONGRATULATIONS ... HAPPY PAINTER!! Come Captain, I'm late to the meeting of the Artists Academy! - said the Artist.
Outside the Park the painter turned looking back:
ARTIST - What was really happened? Goodbye HAPPY PAINTER!

Hi. I am Carlos Silva (xaraponga) and this is my Original Story. Sorry if there's some writing errors because is my translation from portuguese!
Hope you like it and Thanks for reading !!

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See you.

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