By Strabunica013
2 years ago



'' One day, a dairyman receives a summons from the court,
being sued by a baker.

The man, very worried, kept wondering what was wrong with him.
But the baker knew: he accused the milkman of cheating on him
scales when he sells butter.

Thus, after the dairyman brought him a pound of butter and left,
the baker weighed the butter in the presence of two witnesses.
And, indeed, his suspicions were justified.
Instead of 1 kg of butter, it had received 900 gr, 800 gr ... they were
situations when he received only 750 grams of butter.

At trial, the judge asks the milkman:

- Say, did you weigh the butter you sell?

- No, Mr. Judge, I have not!

- Well, then how do you claim to sell butter with a kilo?

- Well, you see!
I have a balance. I put a pound of bread on one side of the balance
that I buy from the baker, and on the other side, I put butter until the balance is balanced! ''

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