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4 years ago

The inception

You should do Vipassana.” She told me after returning from a mountaineering course. I heard that word she told but didn’t figure it out. The second day again she told me the same “You should do Vipassana.” I skipped again. I met her after long long time. The last time we were together at a railway station in Pondicherry. The irony is, she came to see-off me. It was the last day of my university life. So now when I got her, many things were to memorize and so much to share. She went after spending few short days with me. I came back to my old routine. Get up and go office. Come back and do some meaningless things. Monotony is too boring.

Days passed. I recalled the time we spend. Then suddenly the word came in my mind, “Vipassana”. What is it? She told me some meditation kind of thing with some odd rules and etc. Odd? Fine. Odd is good. I googled it. And oh my God!!! To my surprise what I found was unexpected. I did little research and make my mind to give it a try. And the funny thing was I took my mobile and boomerang her text to her, “You should do Vipassana.”

What is Vipassana:

Simply it means see things as they are. Stressed on nonjudgmental attitude.

Life is full of sorrows and sufferings. The suffering is due to craving, aversion and ignorance. We acquired cravings and aversion towards something through our habit patterns and socialization. Those states of mind are not permanent. Vipassana is a process to gain the liberation from sufferings.

What is Vipassana in other way:

The Five vows for the following ten days:

(a) To refrain from stealing

(b) To refrain from killing

(c) To refrain from telling lies (in this context, to remain in noble silence, i.e., to not communicate in any manner, verbal or non-verbal, with anyone except the administration or the teacher)

(d) To refrain from sexual misconduct

(e) To avoid all intoxicants

Total surrender to the very idea in those ten days. No talking, no eye contact, no communication, no reading, no writing, no phone call. Total out of touch to the outer world. You have to survive on only one meal a day. Great. Isn’t this sounds adventurous? Sure, it is. Yes… No need of second thought and I packed my bag.
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AnceAne Great article, thanks for sharing
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LAFFINGKNOME I think I would 'pack my bags too'.
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