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Tips and Recipe for longevity:


1. Do not consume more calories than you burn.
2. Eat an apple every day.
3. Drink cold water and plant extracts.
 4. Do not give up an active way of life.
5. Take a shower every day.
6. Sleep in a cool, airy room.
7. Daily make time to walk or bike 10-15 km.
8. Be with friends, enjoy, laugh, don't give up sex.
9. Never say or think as you get older.

In addition to the above advice, the renowned Bulgarian doctor also recommends a natural remedy, which has the power to minimize the risk of suffering from:
heart attack,
improves brain functions,
the level of inflammation in the body decreases,
adjusts body weight and ...
successfully fights certain types of cancer.
To prepare the recipe you need:
400 grams of wheat,
15 lemon,
12 garlic dogs,
1 kg of honey and ...
400 grams of walnuts.

The 400 grams of wheat are put in a jar over which boiled water is added. The mixture is left overnight, then sieved, washed, then the wheat is put back into the jar. It is minced with the help of the grinder, as well as the walnuts, and the garlic is crushed well.

The ingredients are placed in an enamel jar, followed by the addition of 5 crushed lemons, all with a peel. From the rest of the lemons only use the juice, which is added to the composition, then mix well with a wooden spoon, until the composition becomes homogeneous. Finally add the honey, after which the composition is poured back into the jar and stored in the refrigerator.
Only after three days can the composition obtained be consumed.
There it is !
You should take 1-2 tablespoons of this mixture 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bed.
The remedy is taken until there is nothing left in the jar.
For prevention, a cure is performed once a year.
For cancer treatment, it is taken every two hours.
It will be useful!

You, as a man, if you love a woman, don't invite her once or twice to the table, and then you quickly whisper to her that 'you want to sleep with her' ... because if she is a real woman meaning.
 If she is a Woman in the true sense, she will be a woman desired and courted by several men, and such a gesture will be like 'walnut in the wall', it will offend her!

The courtship, the preamble ... are very important for a woman, and certain gestures made from the habit or from a misunderstanding of the woman's nature, can spoil, block, offend (even if she won't tell you).

The nature of a woman is very complex, and about her delicacy and femininity, the man must learn and respect them.
Here lies much of a woman's power.

Every woman is a Queen!
And every woman is a Queen for the man who loves her!

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