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3 years ago

When Anxiety is High Your Pay Goes Down

When anxiety is high, your pay goes down!

Have you ever noticed this?

Notice that when we are in the wrong energy, the same bad energy is attracted.

This week we hopped on a Zoom and I could tell just by his gaze that something was wrong ...

After asking her a few questions, I found out that 2020 has taken a toll on her, her bank account, and now her personal worth.

But what worried me the most was that she felt like the first month and a half of 2021 was just more if the same.

She looked me in the eye (as best she could on Zoom) with desperation in her eyes and said:

“I feel financially crippled! My business is stuck, I'm not making enough money, 2020 has negatively impacted our bank account and I'm so stressed. I feel like I'm drowning in debt. "

Wow, did I feel for her and relate to her feelings ... I think we all end up in this place at some point in our lives.

I know I have. And you?

But here's what else I know ...

The point is that this year will unfold financially for you has very little to do with what happened last year and everything to do with the choices you are going to make today about your business, your life. and your money.

So here are some questions we should all be asking ourselves right now ...

Where am I in my business?

It is about being clear about what you are currently doing in your business. Are you profitable or is your business more in debt? Are you really a client of your own business because you aren't making sales or recruiting a team?

What do I want my business to do for my life a year from now?

It's about understanding how your business will impact your life in a perfect world. Does it help you pay off your debts? Resign? Are you removing your spouse? Pay for your children's activities? Trip?

Come on ... do the exercise

What will your business do in your life a year from now?

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being super important and non-negotiable, how important is it for you to have this life?


Ask yourself the question,

Depending on where you are today in your business and where you want to be, is there a gap?

Is there a big gap between what you are doing today and what you are doing a year from now to achieve the life you just described?

If so, what are you going to do differently from today to fill this gap?

If you said send more Hey Girl messages or post more photos of your products, that's not the right answer.

If it doesn't work now, it won't work just because you're doing more.

Ask yourself ...

What skills do I need to acquire or develop to get the results I am looking for.

Who could I mold myself who I know has the success I want.

What systems could I hook up to get the results I'm looking for.

This is exactly what Jackie and I did on our call. The best part was once she saw that she was actually in control AND had a good plan to move forward with the right support to get her through this, I literally saw the desperation melt away.

and the anxiety is gone

If you're serious and not just curious about finally creating the results you want in your business, let's have a chat.

Just like I did.

Let's use this year to give yourself what you need to take back control and elevate your gambling and wealth.
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