By Strabunica013
1 years ago


Before incarnating, some souls, chose to ascend in this life, but the respective man, once arrived on Earth (who no longer remembers this choice) opposes the resistance of the Ascension.
If that man refuses the Change, he gets upset with the Old Man and does not wake up, despite receiving signs of change, because he will be faced with difficult situations, great obstacles, and after hitting his head with the wall several times. , he will understand that it is no longer necessary to oppose resistance, and it is necessary to capitulate and to flow with the flow of life, where it is guided - to follow the Divine Plan.
Such people will face difficult situations, crises over and over again, until they manage to understand and open their eyes. If their soul has chosen Ascension, they will be awakened, no matter how hard the Divinity will need to intervene.
The universe takes care to make sure they wake up when the time comes. And generally, in such harsh times, the Divinity sends them a person who is a kind of angel for them, a "lifeguard" to help them emerge from those murky waters in which the newly awakened people feel they are drowning. "(Rick Jewers)

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