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3 Tips from Slick Deals Experts on How to Collect Sales Reviews

3 Tips from Slick Deals Experts on How to Collect Sales Reviews
Do you use reviews in your marketing? This is a sure way to increase your income.

After all, one of the reasons why customers buy your goods and services is the recommendations of other people. This is called social proof and includes reviews. Add them to the selling pages, the site (for example, we have a whole section ), to letters and posts on social networks.

Want to know how to get reviews to help increase sales?

Let's start

1. Write immediately after purchase
Katherine Aragon: “To get positive feedback , you must first give value. That is, without a quality product i.e slick uk deals or service, you will not succeed. ”

If a product, service or customer service helps solve customer problems, you will receive a good review. But if you write to the buyer a year after the purchase, the answer is likely to not wait .

You need a review in the heat of the day, that is, immediately after the purchase. For example, I always receive letters asking me to share my opinion immediately after the tour:

Recall Request Letter

2. Follow the customer life cycle
Gael Breton: “If you sell training courses or software, feedback is the main factor in making a purchasing decision. Do you agree? ”

To collect them, send a letter with a request and a smiley at the end, which you need to click on.

When is it worth contacting a customer? It all depends on your product and the target audience.

Gather feedback during training (after each webinar) to better understand the needs of customers and the shortcomings of your product.
Play a valuable prize among all students who wrote a review after completing the course.
Write a letter 2 weeks after purchasing the product so that the person has time to study all the chips.
Write down the case 2-3 months after the end of the course and show the results in the long run.
For example, we always record videos with our students a certain time after graduation. So they can talk about real results:

3. Improve and then ask again
Gael Breton: “If the client did not click on the emoticon in the email, find out what the problem is. Send him a letter with a question. After receiving the answer, solve the buyer’s difficulties and ask him again for feedback. ”

In this case, you can get even better feedback. The buyer will thank you for your attention and participation..
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