By Evans777
2 years ago

Sunday thought

You were like a sheep without a shepherd
I welcomed you into my presence and covered you with my
I gave you to eat of my bread, I gave you to drink of my cup
You lie in my bossom and became a member of my household
I fathered you with the instruction of my mouth
I mothered you with the teaching of my heart
Soon you began to flourish under my care
You grew in wisdom and you became fare
And i thought to myself:
"I have a son to stand by me in the day of trouble,
A sharp arrow in my quiver."
Little did i know that I have been harboring a brood of viper
A thorn on the side, a barb in the eyes.
For soon you became my enemy, seeking to bite me with your
You said my food is poisonous and said my ways are
In your pride, you were led astray from my care
For my peace, my Spirit can no longer contend
In my deep sorrow and pain,
I realized my mistake:"How I have treated a swine like a child"

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