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5 Affordable Watches Brands

A basic time indicator par excellence, watchmaking has become an art with creations each more elegant than the last. Acquiring a beautiful watch is not given to everyone because the prices of these are often out of reach. If spending € 5,000 on a watch seems a little crazy or you can't afford it at the moment, there are still brands offering a very exceptional value for money.

March LA.B
Created by two Frenchmen (Jérôme Mage and Alain Marhic), the March LA.B brand has entrusted itself with a mission: to honor “vintage” watches by manufacturing today's tocantes that perpetuate the spirit and charm of the models 1950s. But the touch March LA.B, LA for Los Angeles and B for Biarritz, the cities where the two founders of the brand reside, cannot stop there. In fact, the brand designs and produces highly qualitative watches while remaining within reasonable price ranges. March LA.B creations are teeming with technical and aesthetic details that pay tribute to the quality vintage watch and that will appeal to lovers of beautiful objects.

Charlie watch
Created in spring 2014, Charlie Watchis a new French watch brand for fashion and design enthusiasts looking for a watch suited to their daily lives. Ambroise and Adrien, Parisians and childhood friends, founded Charlie Watch with the desire to create a watch that would please them and their friends. They are launching their first collection with a crowdfunding campaign by offering a watch design that is both classic and modern and with interchangeable straps in a multitude of colors. They see Charlie Watch as an alternative to the too high prices of beautiful watches and watches at an attractive price but without charm. By focusing mainly on web distribution, and by removing middlemen, they are able to offer elegant, high-quality watches at a fair price.

Founded by Brice Jaunet, the French watch brand Briston offers a very beautiful range of contemporary and authentic watches, which has added the “British touch” that we love so much. The idea was born from a passionate watchmaker who wished to embark on a new adventure, with the desire to create a beautiful watchmaking work, true, authentic but accessible. BristonIt is therefore a very beautiful range of watches with a sporty chic design, which one can easily imagine on the Oxford or Cambridge campuses, during oar races or on the grounds of Cricket or Polo. With its “preppy” style, its vintage-sport-chic looks, its Nato bracelets, its original and quality materials as well as its affordable prices, it has managed to pull out of the game to seduce a large audience. As a reminder, the Nato are bracelets that were developed in the 60s to meet the request of the British Ministry of Defense in order to equip the Royal Navy. Made of nylon, very robust and water resistant, they reinforce the vintage spirit and assert a resolutely “sport chic” look.

Steinhartis a German brand which was pursued during the time by a reputation of mediocre manufacture and a general spirit favoring the copy of famous models. This is not the case, especially when we consider recent creations, in particular in 2011 (partnership with Watchuseek) for the Proteus model, a truly original watch and of impeccable manufacture. Steinhart is in the exact niche of the mid-range watch and uses renowned ETA mechanisms. Its headquarters are in Germany in Augsburg but the production is carried out by high quality partners in the Swiss Jura. This brand that communicates little to keep attractive prices distributes its creations directly. In the 1900s, Simon Steinhart was already the manager of the watch company Schlenker & Kienzle.

Victorinox Swiss Army
In 2002 Victorinox AG, owned by the Elsener family, acquired Swiss Army Brands Inc. (USA) and all of its North American activities. Thus, the Victorinox Swiss Army watch brand was born, the result of the merger between Victorinox and Swiss Army Brands, a trademark registered in the United States by the American knife distributor Victorinox, which, since 1989, had successfully launched watches under the Swiss Army brand. Victorinox Swiss Army watches incorporate like fossils watches brand the values ​​that have made Victorinox products successful for over 120 years: quality, functionality, ingenuity and also benefit from all the watchmaking know-how, from “Swiss Made” quality. Ambassadors of the Swiss image, Victorinox Swiss Army watches are the only ones authorized by the Swiss government to bear the name "Swiss Army".

Founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the Hamilton brandhas long shaken the Swiss watch industries. A supplier to the United States Armed Forces, it had a fire on the wrist of the Yankees and has been remembered for having invented some of the most dynamic designs of the 40s and 50s. Famous for offering pieces inspired by those worn by the military and for the 1957 Ventura now available in even more contemporary versions, it is also famous for having supplied Stanley Kubrick in 1966 for the 2001 film The Odyssey of Espace, a watch that was to foreshadow what those of the future would be. In addition, and it is undoubtedly because it is originating in the United States even if it is integrated into Swatch Group remains the favorite of the scenario writers of Hollywood who do not miss an opportunity to make them burn the boards.
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