By evanmurray
3 years ago

Few Questions with their Answers Regarding Smart Watches?

Can I easily change the strap of the Swatch watch?
It is very easy to replace the strap of your Swatch men's watch! The first step is to find the right strap for your Swatch watch, taking its dimensions into consideration. Get a manual pin punch, this tool will allow you to easily remove the bars that hold your bracelet to the case of your watch. Slide the old bracelets off the stems. Place the new bracelets in line with the holes in the case and slide the rods. Reuse the back of the pin punch again, in order to push the rods in line with the holes. Your bracelet is replaced!

How do you know if your Swatch watch is waterproof?
All Swatch watches today carry the terms “Waterproof” or “Water resistant”. The water resistance of the watch is often indicated on the back of the dial or in the case itself. However, there are a few details you should know about his mentions. Water resistance is measured in Bars, atmosphere or meters. This signifies the degree of resistance of the watch to water pressure. it can range from splash resistance, through swimming without diving to very resistant watches for water sports and scuba diving. You will still have to have your watch checked once a year by your watchmaker to determine the state of wear of the seals.

Which watch movement should I choose for my Swatch watch?
The Swatch watch is known for its Quartz movement, which does not prevent it from excelling just as well in mechanical movement. What should be remembered about its three types of watches is the following: In watches with quartz movement, the energy comes from a battery, they remain the most precise watches and the most resistant to vibrations, their drawback remains the shorter lifespan. Watches with mechanical movements can be manual or even automatic, the energy comes from the movement, you just need to move your wrist or turn the winding button. She may also be a few minutes late or early.

How to maintain a mechanical watch?
To keep your mechanical watch for a long time, there are some maintenance rules to follow. You must first of all remember to clean the dial often, if it is waterproof, run it under soapy water and rinse well and dry with a soft cloth, if the dial is not waterproof, wipe it with a cotton cloth. The bracelet should also be cleaned, this will depend on the material of the bracelet, under water for steel or plastic bracelets, and with a soft brush for leather or suede bracelets. One last thing for the maintenance of an automatic watch is not to leave it for a long time without being worn, this affects its internal mechanism.