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How to Maintain Beauty and Fitness through Plants?

Many dietary supplements for the body are herbal. They are found alone or in combination with vitamins and minerals. Some will help you regain your beauty, others will restore your tone and vitality. A short guide to becoming or staying a beautiful plant!

In general, we can distinguish plants with cosmetic virtues and those that will help you get back in shape.

For the skin
Beauty through plants
If carrots look good, it is because they are rich in beta-carotene. Tomatoes and apricots also contain them, which is why they are found in some sun supplements. But beware ! The accumulation of this substance colors the skin but does not protect against sun damage. AFSSA has also just given an unfavorable opinion concerning the marketing of one of these solar products. For these nutrition experts, beta-carotene has little or no sunburn prevention action. The photo protective effect, if it exists, is weak and does not indicate on the packaging that this product prepares the skin for tanning. In fact, this risks giving consumers a false feeling of protection from the sun.

Borage is a plant from which an oil rich in essential fatty acids is obtained. Borage oil is found in the composition of several beauty supplements.

Against aging
Wheat germ is one of those products that offers a very wide range of possibilities. It also contains B vitamins, necessary for the development of the hair. Finally, its richness in calcium and magnesium is particularly suitable for supplements intended for women. It is found either alone in glitter form or as an ingredient in beauty or form supplements.

Many studies have looked at the benefits of soy. Thanks to its richness in isoflavones, a substance close to female estrogens, this plant protects against the risks of cancer, coronary heart disease and osteoporosis which occur more frequently at menopause. These same isoflavones would also limit certain disorders such as hot flashes. But don't be fooled!

As a result, many are under-dosed. They display on their labels levels higher than those actually contained in the product. In addition, remember that even in the form of food supplements, soy does not replace hormone replacement therapy.

Plants of tone and vitality
Used for centuries as a medicine in the East, ginseng is a plant that has been the subject of numerous studies. In periods of overwork or convalescence, it would improve physical resistance, promote concentration and the ability to solve problems. It is found alone or in combination with other vitamins and minerals.

This plant, which grows in Siberia, belongs to the same family as ginseng. Its root is used for its stimulating and vitalizing properties. Soviet athletes would have used it to "boost" their ability to resist physical fatigue.

Coming from South America, this plant like caffeine would provide an immediate boost. Its more lasting effect would not increase nervousness.
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