By Explorer2017
2 years ago

Coming Home After 60 Days of Absence

Hello, friends. I am back to fill my shortcomings and things I miss from this site.

I am away from this wonderful site, Tuetego after I made a payment request sometime in the month of July 2019. I don't know why the reason that the said request was not attended to as of this writing. Only the admin knows about that.

I do respect their decision for that to hold my payment in abeyance. So I made a vacation for almost two months or 60 days in this site. I tend my other online jobs from other sites while waiting for action from this site.

As I come back since I really miss my friends and followers here I do still feel that I am still at home. My friends and followers do welcome me with an open arms. I could imagine that I am like a prodigal son that I lost my inheritance from my father because of my whims and caprices to satisfy. I went somewhere but later regretted it why I did that I felt being remorseful.

Now I am here. I am back to doing my routine of interacting, posting articles and pictures for likes and appreciation from my fellow Tuetego users. As I am doing such routine I have forgotten that I had gone away from here for a moment. As if I didn't leave this site.

The camaraderie of the users here is beyond compare. Their friendship is unstained, genuine and unblemished. I couldn't find it somewhere else for it is unique.

I am happy for I am home.

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