By Explorer2017
4 years ago

Though I am too far and yet so near

Hello, this is Exploere2017. Am I not welcome?

My membership in this site has reached to almost 3 years since I joined in 2017. My early years here were very memorable. I got so many wonderful friends all over the world.

Earnings aren't a problem here but in 2 years stay here the site got a problem that no members knew it for lack of communication from the admin. We're almost frustrated for our payment requests haven't been acted upon.

I was surprised to open my email this morning that Tuetego has emailed to confirm my payment request for almost a year. I opened that email and was directed to my PayPal account. There I accepted the payment. That means I was paid.

I really miss you Tuetego users particularly my friends and followers and some of them, I believe, had already left this site. What I have felt right now is it is like yesterday that I have been inactive here when in fact it's almost a year.

Now I am back. Let's bring the spirit of togetherness here by doing day-to-day routine of sharing greetings, pictures and writing articles.

I have in fact this feeling that you are too far indeed to me but yet so you're near to my heart because of our virtual friendship.
4 years
RasmaSandra You and me both. Have been gone from here for about 2 years so a very long time. Been busy writing and surfing and doing all kind of things online but thought I would take a look at my old stomping grounds. I don't know how long I will hang around but I will see how it feels being on here again, I left behind my account and some posts I had made, Best of luck to you.
4 years
4 years
Explorer2017 Thanks for reading.
Best of luck to you too. @RasmaSandra
4 years