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Why Kong and I Have a Lot in Common. (Beside, being primates).

With the release, sometime next year of Godzilla v Kong, I relate to Kong, on 'Skull Island'. Skull Island, is the giant ape's, personal domain. On the island, Kong, guards the peace and the other creatures, on the island, jealously.

The giant ape was born and raised, on the island, and knows, the place, like his backhand. Kong, it appears, would protect his personal fiefdom, probably with, his life. Look at how he battled, those humans in helicopters with deadly weapons, who wreaked havoc, on the natural fauna and flora.

The humans paid a high price in men and material. It would seem, Kong, who appears to be the last of his kind, values the peace and quiet, of his island home. Wo betide, any, (as the film showed), those who dare to come to his island and annoy Kong, by their actions. If left alone, Kong appears to be a gentle giant, and, can tell the difference, between, those humans who come in peace and those, that, want to do, the opposite. On the island, itself, his main enemies, appear to be, the 'skull crawlers', lizard-like animals, that live underground. Kong's species and the crawlers are natural enemies, and in the movie, 'Skull Island'', Kong, battled them, frequently.

I feel like Kong, because, I have created my garden, the way, I want it. It may not be the most well-kept garden, but, neither is it the most terrible. I have taken pride in my garden, as it is, my space, my work of art, my creation. I suffer from anxiety and depression, and I find gardening, seeing things grow, the birds in my garden, therapeutic.

Like Kong, I am very protective, of what I have created, and do not, easily, welcome, interference, criticism, etc. If, on the other hand, people have constructive feedback or like my garden, I welcome that. However, again, like Kong, if I find anyone, doing things in my garden, without consulting me, it makes me deeply unhappy. Deeply unhappy, because, I am the creator, sustainer and guardian, of that garden.

If, for example, people suggest something for my garden, which, enhances, the work I have done, and I am in agreement, that's fine. For example, my stepson and father-in-law, recently, put some fencing, in my garden. To be honest, I had my doubts, about the fencing, as it seemed family members were making decisions about my garden, without, consulting me. However, I have let this one go, as the fencing, has blotted out some bamboo plants, that were encroaching on my side. The overall effect of the fencing has made my garden look better, so, I'm pleased.

Perhaps, to some, the almost obsessive behaviour over my garden is stupid. Perhaps, it is, but, as explained, when you have put your heart and soul into something, you have a passion for it. You will go out of your way, as explained, in this piece, to protect it and preserve it.

So, yes, I love my garden, it is my space, my peace, where I can disappear too. It brings me security, it grounds me, it makes me see things, in perspective, and yes, I can meditate there too, in the presence, of my creator.

Finally, I am sure, we all have our special space, where we feel safe, feel secure, particularly, in today's society.

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