By Lorso
2 years ago

Ask the Sunset!

Ask the clouds to paint the twilight
If you want to know about me,
What thoughts are breaking me, what jar is holding me,
Burning fire with longing… ..

Asks the sunset with the hill,
What times are warm in me,
There are rains, or rays interlaced with sighs,
Every time I drown where the shore breaks.

Ask the stray dust in the sun
If tears flow down my cheeks,
Or my eyes radiate happiness, in a warm smile,
Thinking of you, safe from bitter fruits.

Ask the eyelid kissing eyelashes,
My face is serene or nourished,
In yesterday's memories of what the day stole from me,
Thinking of you ...

Ask the step that animates life
If you want to know about me ...

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