By Frenki
2 years ago

Red Star Belgrade - back in Champions league!

Red Star Belgrade is back in Champions league - group stage. After passing all qualification rounds, same like last year, they made it to the group stage. Draw for groups wasn't the bast, but there are many great teams in Champions league, so either way it would be hard. Red Star waited till very end of draw (they were in last, fourth hat , so last group to be drawn) and they ended up in group B, among Bayern Munich from Germany. Tottenham from England and Olympiacos from Grecee. Bayern is one of the favourites, champion of Bundesliga for season 2018/19, Tottenham was last season Champions league finalist, and Olympiacos is brother club from Grecee, wearing same colors as Red Star. As you can see it will be a real challenge to pass group (take 1st or 2nd place) or atleast go to Europa League (take 3r place) .
Tonight Red Star plays against Bayern in Munich, and I wish them a lot of luck, even tho Bayern is huge favourite in this match.

photo credit: mondo

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