By Lorso
2 years ago

The Forest

Hi friends!
It’s been a while since I was not active!
I have decided to write a few thoughts, hoping to know your point of view!
I am from Romania, a country I appreciate very much!
Unfortunately, I can say that we, as a nation, do not accept to evolve and change things to make life even better!
From the political level, to the simple man, we are also responsible for the fact that we can be held accountable!
I am determined to educate my child with a constructive mentality!
Know that a man without a forest, without doing something for the place where he lives, is not a mentally fulfilled man!
Destroy forests at an excessively high level, destroy green areas to build buildings that then become ruins!
We have to do something for our children!
I will write the decision that I took in the following article! Thank you for your friendship and wish you some nice moments with your loved ones!
Just be Good!

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