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Red beet, the most powerful blood purifier. It's the food that has the greatest strength in fighting the tumors
How we prepare Iin house ,,Homemade rosewater,,. and what benefits are.
Cave of Emerald, the unique place where Vâlcea (town in romania) speaks with heaven and earth
He is only 14 years old and revolutionizes medicine with his invention without helping a teacher or mentor.
cake mosaic with nuts and (in Romanian) ,,rahat,,
Hotel of ice, Fagaras, Romania.
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Scarisoara cave, another spectacular place of Romania, declared a historical monument from 1938.
Amazing place in Romania,, The Keys of Banitei.
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Sphinx and Babele, the mouth of heaven of Romania
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Colored lights near the sun on the right
How to support us in tuetego in my opinion.
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About quince,, For @cathydkreations
Balloons in Cappadokiya, a unique, magnificent place
Discovered on the spot in Galapagos: observe for the first time directly how a species is transformed into a new one
Stores that go to you and do not have employees: ideas that seek to revolutionize the way we buy
What are the 3 most used methods by hackers to hijack your Google account (and how to protect yourself)
How does Android tell Google where you are even if you turn off GPS on your phone?
A building that "breathes" in the heart of London: that's how the Bloomberg offices are, the "greenest" in the world
Fiji's controversial business, luxury water that travels more than 12,000 kilometers to reach consumers
"100 stabs, they decapitated him and extracted his heart": the brutal murder of the Mara Salvatrucha in a park in the United Sta
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5 momente-cheie din zi în care, dacă bei apă, te vindeci
Lose 3 pounds a week with Chia seeds! You never have to keep strict diets
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Patlagina (PLANTAGO) heals cough, lowers cholesterol, treats urinary infections
Salina Turda - Mina Sal - Underground attractions park - Romania. a very special place, unique in the world.
Bran castle, brasov- Romania. A history of over 600 years. (The myth of Count Dracula, the oxygen bubble of Bran Castle)
the Hunziers' Castle, one of the most valuable monuments in Romania's medieval architecture
Destination weekend clay castle from the valley of the sibiu county, Romania
14 Beautifoul benefits with aloe vera
Cinnamon, wonder spice: 7 amazing benefits for health!!!
Parsley ,, contains more vitamin C than lemon, orange or cabbage, plus vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, K and E.
Cake with lemon and coconut cream
Apples baked with nuts and cinnamon, a delicious winter desert
Sausage biscuits - delicious dessert without baking
Creme brulee
Pumpkin pie
A neighboring planetary system?
Donald Trump visits Asia with an eye on North Korea
Hundreds of students cut streets and railways in Barcelona against the imprisonment of former consellers
Truck attack in Manhattan kills 8; mayor calls it act of terror
New Peruvian bird species discovered by its song
The Black Forest and climate change
Incomplete drought recovery may be the new normal
Birds will sometimes care for the offspring of other birds of their own species if they anticipate future benefits. Being tolera
Genetic rescue boosts recovery of Australia's endangered mountain pygmy possums
Bat feces: A reliable source of climate change
Translocated hawks thrive in Hispaniola
Worldwide change in shallow reef ecosystems predicted as waters warm
Individual with complete spinal cord injury regains voluntary motor function
Transparent solar technology represents 'wave of the future'
Souvenir vines
Changing of the guard: Research sheds light on how plants breathe
Mass extinctions led to low species diversity, dinosaur rule
What flowers looked like 100 million years ago
Where do flowers come from? Shedding light on Darwin’s 'abominable mystery'
Rajoy calls a council of ministers this afternoon to apply article 155
The US Department of State is in favor of Spain
Catalan Civil Society numbers more than one million people attending the demonstration in favor of the unity of Spain
Cauliflower with cheese sauce
Albóndigas de calamares y langostinos para disfrutar del sabor a mar sin espinas
Proyectos que nos ayudan a proteger el planeta
La criatura que aterra Internet es solo una polilla con ganas de mambo
"Creo que hay vida extraterrestre, y no sabemos qué nos vamos a encontrar"
Rajoy destituye a Puigdemont y su Govern
Las tres mujeres de origen rumano con más poder de España
Who was the real Mata Hari?
The relief after the fall of Saddam Hussein
The people decendet from Spartans
Catalan leader stumbles in bid for independence from Spain
Tabasco island: Is this the hottest place in the world?
¿Por qué Trump tardó 12 días en hablar de la emboscada en la que murieron cuatro militares en Níger?
¿Tensiones? No parece, la economía de Corea del Sur está volando
Estados Unidos lanza el submarino nuclear furtivo
Esta pareja adoptó a 13 niños abandonados por padres drogadictos
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Marilyn Monroe's new Polish home
The cheeky gnomes taking over Wroclaw
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The tiny island the British tradet for Manhattan
Bank of America's Merrill Lynch multado con £ 35 millones por el organismo de vigilancia del Reino Unido
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The Soviet Union 's flawed to Concorde
Rural Rwanda is home to a pioneering new solar power idea
In search of Russia's lost gold
Catalonia Spain: Officials 'won't follow orders from Madrid'
Candela: The Italian town paying people to move there
Alicudi: Italy's LSD island
Donald Trump just suggested the FBI, Democrats and Russia might all be co-conspirators
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The richest poor country in the world
Fernando Alonso: 'My heart was telling me to stay at McLaren'
Spain to trigger direct rule on Catalonia to crush independence bid
8 of the world's best new penthouse suites
El exmánager de Michael Schumacher carga contra la familia del piloto: «¿Por qué no quieren contar la verdad?»
Seat retrasa el anuncio del nombre de su futuro todocamino por la situación política
La Guardia Civil entra en el edificio del 112 de Cataluña
Rajoy planea intervenir Cataluña graudualmente
Los barcos de la Policía Nacional en los puertos de Barcelona y Tarragona prolongan de nuevo su estancia
La empresa biotecnológica Oryzon sube más de un 10% tras anunciar su cambio de domicilio social de Barcelona a Madrid
La mujer que denunció que le habían roto los dedos durante el referéndum catalán confiesa que tiene capsulitis
Cristiano Ronaldo sorprende a todos y su hija se llamará Georgina, como su madre
Las restricciones al tráfico en la Gran Vía de Madrid serán permanentes a partir de Navidad
El Ministerio de Defensa envía dos convoyes de ayuda a los cuerpos de seguridad del Estado a Barcelona
Detenido por circular a 240 km/hora en la A-40 en Toledo
Un chico de 14 años mata a sus padres en su casa en Holanda
Alerta en Alemania después de que un desconocido amenazara con envenenar alimentos
Veinte municipios aspiran a ser Maravilla Rural de España
El ladrido de Frida, una esperanza para las víctimas de los terremotos de México
Así vuela el primer avión Airbus BLADE con la nueva tecnología de ala laminar
Ensalada SUGU
Dobladitas de pollo
Mini vegan doughnuts
Dulce de leche doughnuts
Vegan Lemon Bars
Lemon Bars
S'mores Bars
Australia's Longest Venomous Snake Is a 13-Foot King Cobra Named Raja
Catalonia referendum campaigning enters final day
NO MONEY BUNNYHugh Hefner’s wife Crystal Harris, 31, ‘won’t inherit ANYTHING from Playboy founder’s £40m fortune because she sig
CHILD BEFORE AISLEPregnant Khloe Kardashian won’t marry boyfriend Tristan Thompson until AFTER she has her baby, claim US report
Catalan referendum: Spain battling to halt the vote
Saudi Arabia women hail end of driving ban
Trump deletes tweets after backing Alabama primary loser
Iraqi Kurds decisively back independence in referendum
Saudi Arabia driving ban on women to be lifted
Trump respalda una España unida: «Es un gran país, hermoso e histórico»
Jean-Michel Basquiat: The neglected genius
A modern muse: The enduring appeal of Audrey Hepburn
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