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Worship of people like Ariana Grande

When I see the worship of people like Ariana Grande by little kids, teenagers, and others I have to say it somewhat disturbs me.

With the media and social media giving people like her a platform its as if these people like Grande are put on a pedestal. When I see families in cash-strapped Britain suffering the impact of being jobless or suffering under austerity and yet they can scrape together the money to see such artists like Grande it worries me.

It's as if sheep like these people go to see these stars without questioning what they are doing. Forgive me I don't know too much about Grande and her background whether she came from humble beginnings or not but the money she makes would feed a whole population of a town in the UK.

Maybe I am reading too much into this and it's simply people whatever their financial position just going to see someone they like and having fun. Probably it's me as an older person who prefers bands to solo artists prancing around the stage in next to nothing calling themselves 'Dangerous Women'.

It seems Grande is where she is and has the influence she has because of clever marketing and knowing the right people in the so-called entertainment industry. With power and influence as Grande has over a lot of young people's lives comes responsibility but is she projecting the right image given the sexual connotations she is giving off to her young following?

Grande is not the first and last to be accused of being immoral or flaunting sexual images Elvis and Madonna were also accused of this so this is nothing new. It's just that in 2017 technology has given followers of these people more access to them and to actually follow them and communicate with them on social media.

It has been argued that people like Grande have given the Jihadis another reason to hate the West and so it seemed at the attack on her concert. Of course, that does not make the attack or the motivations of the attack right and it seems Grande does seem genuinely shocked and has spoken to and visited injured fans.

Nevertheless, I stand by what I have written in this article regarding many of today's artists and how they are packaged and marketed and the people who follow them.

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NatashaT1994 I'm a big fan of Ariana Grande, she isn't from a famous family. She got famous for her acting in a now cancelled Nickelodeon show called Victorious. At age 8 she sang the American National Anthem. But she started being a proper singer more less after Victorious got cancelled but she got her contract during Victorious. She still does acting but not often. She is also known to be quite the Diva. Her brother is famous but not as famous as her.
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