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Where to see the best sunsets in Vigo?

The feeling of peace produced by a sunset is universal.
Who does not like to admire the spectacle of color caused by the sun melting with the horizon?
With the variety of landscapes we have in Spain it is not surprising that here we can enjoy breathtaking sunsets.
Whether on the beach, in the city, from a lighthouse ... we have something for everyone!

Where to see the best sunsets in Vigo?

All the sunsets in Vigo are spectacular. You will be amazed when you see how the sun slowly sinks into the river, setting it on fire red, orange and purple, with the Cies on the horizon ...
Choose one of these magnificent viewpoints on the estuary and enjoy the best sunset in Vigo.

Monte de O Castro:
Climbs to the highest point of the urban center.
From the monument to the galleons of Rande, the Mirador or in the fortress you can wait for the sun to fall on the estuary.

Beaches of Vigo:
On the beach of Samil, O Vao, A Fontaíña ... Choose the beach you want: in all you will live a magical moment when it begins to dusk.

Museo do Mar:
The surroundings of the museum in Alcabre invite you to sit on the dock to wait for the sun to fall while the breeze from the sea rocks you.

Paseo de Bouzas:
Nothing stands between you and the sunset over the Cíes from the coastal promenade of Bouzas, next to the beach of O Adro.
Then you can enjoy tapas in the local bars of the area.

Natural routes and forest parks:
If you like nature, look for your route through our mountains, where you will find fabulous views of the estuary.
The Senda da Auga, which passes very close to the urban area, will surprise you.


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