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What's Your Blood Type?

What's your blood type?

In some cultures, they believe that each blood type has a certain personality or affinity.

This snip was taken from the Korean web toon "A Simple Thinking About Blood Type", a funny web toon that provides scenarios and how the different blood types behave. Please keep in mind though that this web toon has no scientific basis was written primarily for enjoyment.

According to this webtooon...

Blood Type A:
- Stickler to rules and have a structured lifestyle.
- Very considerate and can understand others well.
- Have a hard time with drastic changes or tensions in social relationships.
- Very careful when starting something new.
- Can be pessimistic about the future. They can be perfectionists who prepare in advance.
- Very patient and have exceptional emotional control.
- Their feelings can easily get hurt compared to other blood types.

Blood Type B:
- Don't like to be bothered by other people and dislike being bound by routines and schedules.
- They get into things that interest them.
- They aren't afraid to express themselves and aren't restricted by formalities.
- Are free thinkers who have lots of ideas and are very open-minded about relationships with people.
- They can be very optimistic about the future.
- They are not greatly influenced by their surroundings and have a tendency to ignore it.
- They may have a tendency to be fickle and lack romantic notions, but they have great affection towards others.

Blood Type AB:
- They are prone to maintaining distance between people relationships. They dislike people crossing the line or getting into their space.
- They are logical and direct. They are great negotiators.
- They are also good at analyzing.
- They are a natural at making critical statements and often say the right things that others don't want to hear. Sometimes it is not all right.
- There are many idealists and emotionally intelligent thinkers.
- The stable and calm personality of Type A and the fickle mind of Type B coexist.
- Of all the blood types, they possess the least interest in politics and power. Instead, they prefer to rise above mundane power struggles.
- They are less prone to drowsiness and have righteous personalities. However, they are not the type to act right away.

Blood Type O:
- Compared to the other blood types, they have the strongest survival instincts.
- They have great motivation and drive towards reaching a goal. However, if they lose their goal, they also lose their motivation.
- They are both an idealist and a realist.
- They like to form close groups or organizations but are wary of people outside of their groups.
- There are a lot of accomplished professionals in this blood group because they have a tendency to focus on one thing.
- They are honest and have a strong self opinion and thus, there are many who live with great belief and philosophy on all aspects of life.
- They may be temperamental but hold no grudges.
- Other than that, blood type O's are also very competitive (Except only when they are sure to win). They are a very political blood type.

Based on the descriptions above, do you agree with the description for your blood type (even though it's written for fun and enjoyment only)?
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