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The 5 Elementals: Water, Earth, Air, Fire and Spirit

From ancient times the world was divided into four basic principles or "elements": earth, water, fire, and air. This point of view has changed especially with the advances of science, but the four elements are still valid in Magic, because they are more closely connected to emotions than modern explanations of the world.

The elemental realms are actually five: Water, Earth, Air, Fire and Spirit (Akasha or Ether). These are, in many ways, the center of the Wicca Rituals.

Generally, in all rituals the call of these Guardians of the Elements is required to invoke their power and protection. Each Watchtower (which has an orientation at a cardinal point) is governed by one of these elemental kingdoms, and these in turn govern a station. and they are represented with different types of spirits. The pentagram or five-pointed star also represents the union of these elements for magical use.

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS call the Guardians of the Elements when you do a ritual

They are very powerful cosmic forces represented by living beings invisible to the common eye and constitute a true source of power. These entities are asked for help on a permanent basis and agree with them to befriend, because they are very sensitive and subtly vengeful with those who cause harm to nature.

Invocation to all the Elemental Spirits:
Elemental spirits, come closer to me!
Gnomes, share your humor with me.
Undines, play in my presence.
Silfos, may the breeze caress me.
Salamanders, move in the flames of the candles.
Elemental Spirits, Thanks for coming!

These spirits of nature have been the subject of study since the dawn of humanity and theories about them vary according to philosophies. On the one hand, we have the traditional Hermeticists who collect the first beliefs and sources of information, including the animistic religions and their pagan rituals. On the other hand philosophical metaphysicians who study the element more than practice it and focus on cosmogonies including even the little obtained from scientific parapsychology. Finally and perhaps the most abundant of all, which is the popular tradition, with its tales, legends and traditions and its homemade magic, that although it is fantasy always originate in a truth principle.


The definition of the esoteric tradition is that "... the elementals are spirits of the infraastral region that represent certain elements of which the most important are those that make up the planet Earth". These beings feed on the vibration or energy of the elements. The planet is formed by 4 energies, and therefore, each one has its group of elementals that acquire human form to be understood by our mind when we can see them.
This would mean that they are the intelligent powers that govern and coordinate each element. The Cosmogony says that they inhabit the planet long before the creation of man, and that when the Earth was only an incandescent and inanimate mass, the elementals were present as helpers of the superior spirits in the construction and ordering of the planet. This seems to me evident, every time, that at the moment in which an element arises a vibration is generated and the consequence is the elementary one. Evidently they are connected with the perfectly structured and hierarchical magic, like everything in the Cosmos.
Quoting in practical examples: Have we ever penetrated a forest feeling ourselves observed by a thousand invisible eyes ?, or, have we instinctively shied away from sitting on a rock at the edge of a road to look for another much farther away? Have you stumbled and fallen? face down on a puddle of water? Certainly, it is usual in many cases, but we have also felt invaded by peace and serenity when looking at the bottom of the silent pond at the foot of a willow, and even in certain cases we have felt a restlessness or discomfort in the sight of old twisted tree, or a grotto hidden in the undergrowth of the forest, or at least, our own insecurity has increased at those times. What is the reason ?, simply because they are vibrations or disharmonic with us. We must recognize that if the element itself produced that effect, the feeling would be globalized for all of us each time we approached the place. But on the contrary, it is not like that, but something deeper; It is like an emanation that arises from the stone and that attracts or repels us without apparent cause. Well, that's the effect of the elementary. We could say that the elemental is the soul (or power) of the element.

Both the pantheistic religions, which consider that everything is animated by a soul, and the schamanes of all the parts of the world, have baptized for that reason the elementals as the spirits of nature, and invoke them under the name of the spirit of water , of fire of the air of the earth, and within it we will also have heard them speak of the spirit of the mountain, of the tree, of the river. This is a part of what is composed elemental Magic, in which the elements are used as raw material representative of a higher power: the natural Elementals. There is still another type of elemental called artificial, but that corresponds to high Magic and we are not going to deal with it here. From this moment we want to start by warning: Elemental Magic is not a game. In itself it contains a very strong power, and the fact that we see or represent them in funny dwarves or delicate fairies, does not imply that it is naive or funny, and much less innocuous. It is one thing to know the power and use it if necessary, just as we use or call the angels, with seriousness and respect and another to play magician Merlin. So be careful, the consequences can be dire.

For humans very given to "scientifically compare experiences" the world of elementals always has a mysterious and mythological or fantastic air; but sages of other times did not consider them that way.

We have the case Teofrastus Bombastus Von Hohenheim (*) called Paracelsus, who in Europe in the sixteenth century, wrote a huge amount of works of alchemical, medical, philosophical and theological type. In his work "The Book of Nymphs, Silfos, Pygmies, Salamanders and Other Spirits" published in 1591, he says: "The Elementals can not be classified among men, because some fly like spirits; they are not spirits, because they eat or drink like men. The man has a soul that the spirits do not need, the elementals do not have a soul, and yet they are not similar to the spirits, they do not die and they do die. " This work was clearly the inspiration for the stories of the brothers Grimm as well as Goethe and R. Heine, among others.

On the other hand, the Elemental concept appears in all cosmogonies as real beings, forming part of the origins of the earth and not as stories. Greek mythology is full of, undines, elves, with passions and emotions in the purest human style. But it is also curious to note that in all cultures since the dawn of antiquity, and in an identical way, the elementals were represented by peoples as distant as the Sumerians, the Chaldeans, the Egyptians, the Chinese, the indigenous peoples of Africa, Polynesia and America. The drawings of his figures are almost identical, either in Europe of the fifteenth century, or in mysterious and magical India 2000 years before Christ, and even today.

Perhaps if we became more aware that each element is something alive that contains a soul, an energy, a vibration called elemental we would become more respectful with nature, which would benefit Mother Gaia and therefore in all of us.

A well-known example are the Nagas. The Tibetans call the spirits that dwell in nature. Some of them can damage our health so they recommend not doing certain jobs on specific days of the year in which the astrologer lamas have previously fixed, according to the positions of the stars and complicated calculations -very similar to those of the ancient Mayas- in order to prevent the nagas from weakening our body predisposing it to diseases. Buddhism contains among its spiritual practices, certain mantras to calm these spirits, or to avoid interference from them.

The elementals have their most dense part or "body" in the Energetic Plane, being able under favorable conditions to reflect until a certain corporeity in the etheric zones. Likewise, the traditional hermetics placed them in the infraastral, or intermediate zone between the etheric and the dense earth. An elemental does not belong to the evolutionary chain, therefore it has no sense of the good of evil and they are purely dual.


It represents them in human forms, so that we can recognize them, and not because that is their real form, but we love to know that there are tiny beings hidden among the ferns, or that in the crackling of the fire the salamanders jump and play with the calls. Among the elementals there are collaborators with man, scholars, and scholars but also scoffers, pranksters and grumpy. Beautiful ethereal faces with bodies and other forms of grotesque lindisms, which as among humans, are grouped into a variety of races occupying their etheric territory. We say that they are the guardians of the forests, of the Fire, of the Land of Water and Air because, as we have seen before, they really contain the primordial essence of their own element. These mysterious beings were loved and feared at the same time, since they both benefited and harmed. They are eternal children of nature, they have a very fast and electric type of vibration, which allows them to move from one place to another at the speed of light. We deduce that they are much faster than us and therefore their forms are more unstable. When its vibration is slowed down and only during the duration of that frequency of vibration, they are visible to the human eye. The corporeizacion of an elementary can be produced, either by natural factors originating in the energy force of the area, or by the will of whoever wants to see them, a will that must be strong but not aggressive, because any instability in it affects the the Spirits of Nature and drives them away to their energetic "refuges" and to the optical games of their extraordinary power to disguise themselves in the same elements they inhabit.
The magicians, sorcerers and druids in the animistic religions respected them very much, and made offerings to them; the success or failure of the ritual depended partly on whether the elementary was pleased or not with the perks. Those who work with elements in magic invoke them before each ritual in the creation of the circle, and thank them at the end.

We have searched the invocations and created some basic tables for those who want to experiment with the elementals. But be careful. This is not a science fiction novel, nor a fable to relate at night in the light of the fire. It is a reality, whether we see them or not and misusing this energy can have harmful consequences. We talk about elements and their powers, which unleashed are great destroyers of humanity ... and that if we have seen many many times. If an elementary is invoked, be sure that it will come, and if not your compensation will take it the same, so, better not to play with fire, we can burn ourselves.


SALAMANDER. Fire. The horse considers them as the elemental spirit composed of the most subtle parts of fire.
Farisilles (male), Shallones (female).

They direct the fire element; they control it. They work during storms, trying to orient the rays when they occur. After having completed the terrestrial period within their line, they become:

Farrallis or leaders in your area; they work as teachers.
Aspiretes are the executors of the elaborated plans; they control several elements.
Hiarrus are like a kind of governors; they prepare the plans to execute.
Ra-Arus is the maximum category within the line of the elementals and would be the same as within humans have the archangels.

ONDINAS. Water Elemental spirit of water similar in character to the sirens. In light of the cabal, he says that "they are possessed by an evil spirit that makes them attract their victims to the depths of the waters." They are of great beauty. Undines (female), Wallanos (male). They love the water and they are in their depths, they direct groups of Minutes, who work continuously, guiding the water by its natural course and until its exit to the sea.

NEREIDAS or Fairies of the Sea Nerenes (male), Ensines (female).
They are the ones that control the waters of the sea, especially when there are storms, because without their work the effect of the water on the coasts would be devastating. They lend great help to man, especially on the high seas.
They are about 5 cm long. They remain the year in the physical plane and 100 years in the astral plane.
They work in groups and form subgroups within them. They already have a little conscience and they form pairs. In the pairs of the elementals power is exchanged.

SILFIDES or cefiros. Air Help in the mental planes. They are the ones who control the winds. As in the water, there are invisible channels for us that correspond to the winds.
When the air gets out of control and produces a storm, it causes havoc not only for man but also for the fairies who worked. This occurs when low vibrational elementals attack by surprise and manage to knock down the fairies that were directing the wind.
They are the largest in stature.

ELPHOS Earth. The elementals of Earth is the most numerous group and of greater classification. Among them we highlight:
Elves They work away from man, usually in the clearings of the forests or mountains. They guided the congenial of lower levels in their tasks. They generate circles of power and work within them. The beauty of their bodies is a function of the power acquired through effort. They are around 500 years on the physical plane; They decide when to return, but they rarely do it before 5000 years.
The Gnomes work the soil and the roots of the trees giving them power. They make their houses on the trunks of the trees ..
The goblins: are the most naughty and known by humans.

According to the Celtic tradition the elementals should be invoked with respect by offering them gifts to be possible manuals. Each group has its characteristics, its color, its orientation, its time in the day and, like humans, they are attracted to certain things. We call that offerings.

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