By TammyWhite
6 years ago

StarLake, dreams come true

The show is a new way of understanding the circus: magic, acrobatics and many fun in a journey through the stories. A magical book capable of making all your dreams and desires come true, where fantasy merges with reality ...

The secret of a magic book capable of making all your dreams and all your wishes come true.
To make it happen to you, you must open your mind and let yourself be carried away by the wonderful stories written in StarLake, the wonderful magic book where all fantasies come together with the purest reality.

If you have the opportunity to enjoy this fabulous show in your city do not hesitate to contact the entrance and enjoy it as we have done.

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soncee Good artikle
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Bashields Seems to be a grand show and very interesting for Kids, thanks for your advice my dear chingu
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RasmaSandra Sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing.
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