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Rice with Thyme Rabbit

Organizing a weekly protein and diverse menu is sometimes complicated, so the rabbit is a good option.
What attracts me the most about this dish is the functionality that gives us the main ingredient, today whole rabbit stew which allows me to eat another day with stewed or fried potatoes, a rice or a pasta, if it is necessary to make some croquettes or some empanadillas.
But let's focus on today's recipe ...

1 rabbit
Pump rice (100 grams per person)
1 onion
2 cloves of garlic
1/2 red pepper (from the roasting ones)
1 Italian green pepper
6 cherry tomatoes
Vegetable broth (1 leek, 1 carrot, 1/2 Italian green pepper, 1/4 red pepper, salt, parsley and fresh thyme)
Extra virgin olive oil
Ground black pepper
Ground saffron
Turmeric (for me, the best coloring)
Fresh thyme

We prepare the broth in advance. In a casserole with a liter of water we put the detailed ingredients to prepare the vegetable broth. We will let it be done about 45 minutes. We keep warm to make the rice.

1.- In a wide and low casserole we put a good squirt of olive oil to heat. When it takes a temperature, we fry the previously salted rabbit and clean it. We will do it to strong fire so that it is gilded on the outside but it does not remain cooked to us. We booked in a fountain. In a glass ceramic from 1 to 9, we will do it in 8
2.- Lower the heat to 4. Chop the onion and the garlic cloves often, put in the pot and lightly salt. Let it be done slowly and stir occasionally. When the onion takes a little color we add the peppers cut into squares.
3.- Once the vegetables are soft we put the tomatoes. Since I used cherrys, I did not peel them. You can use the tomato that you like the most, it is only necessary that it be well ripened. We let the tomato soften.
4.- We put the rabbit that we have reserved on this rehash and we add fresh thyme. The amount I leave to the taste of each one.
5.- Let the flavors mix by stirring from time to time. If we see that it stays very dry we can add a little hot vegetable broth. We're going to let the rabbit cook 10 minutes.
At this time we can reserve half to prepare this rice and the rest we can serve as rabbit stewed thyme. You have to calculate that a rabbit is the ideal amount for four servings.
6.- In a cup or bowl we put the rice that we are going to use. For two people, 200 grams. This cup will serve as a measure to know the broth we need. We put the rice on the preparation we have with the rabbit. We stir well so that the flavors are integrated.
7.- As a natural coloring we will use turmeric. I recommend it to you. It does not taste very strong so if you are not used to it, it will not be very shocking. And it adds color to the rice and other incredible dishes. We also put saffron ground.
8.- We stir well. Let the rice take that nice yellow color.
9.- If we have put a bowl of rice covered with 2 bowls and a half of hot broth. We will leave the broth to the fire and if necessary we will add more, little by little.
10.- We will start cooking the rice in the number 7 and after 10 minutes we will lower the fire to the number 6. It is normal that in 25 minutes it is done. But the best thing is to try it and, above all, be very attentive so you do not run out of stock and hard. For that we have the stock of vegetables with fire. To add little by little what we need. When done, remove from heat, cover with a cotton cloth and let stand for five minutes.

If we accompany it with a good salad we will have a complete meal and as you can see, it is very easy to prepare. The best thing for me: If we have everything in advance, we will not need more than to make the rice. I said, in half an hour we can prepare a great meal. A long recipe to explain but very easy to cook. Do not be alarmed by the roll that I have released you.

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