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Phu Erh tea benefits

Red Tea or Phu Erh is rich in Antioxidants, Has sigestive benefits and helps to keep cholesterol and stripe triglycerides. Also, because of its supposed thermogenic power, it could be useful in slimming or weight loss diets. Not free of exciting substances, Among them Caffeine.

The benefits of red tea have been talked about ad nauseam. Although it is not the most novel and popular variety of tea, it has interesting properties for our health and well-being. Like the rest of teas, it is obtained from the Camellia sinensis plant, but its elaboration is quite singular and complex.

The red tea or phu erh, known in China as the "tea of ​​the emperors", is really a green tea that goes through a double fermentation process involving microorgasms or bacteria, which, apart from giving it its maroon color, They could be responsible for their beneficial virtues.

1. Help to lose weight
It is no coincidence that red tea has been renamed the "fat-eater". Why is it said to favor weight loss? In addition to having antioxidant activity, the catechins (polyphenols) present in red tea seem to stimulate metabolism and increase fat burning.

Although its purported slimming capacity has not been confirmed by the scientific community, red tea has become a great ally for cleansing diets and loss or control of body weight. In fact, many consider it one of the most effective infusions to lose weight.

2. Debug the organism
Here the medicinal benefits of the red tea phu erh do not end, since this tea has a slight diuretic action, that is, it facilitates the elimination of excess liquids and toxins or waste substances. Fluid retention is related to overweight and obesity.

As a curiosity, add that red tea acts as a balm against the hangover, since after an alcohol poisoning, the liver is overloaded and is unable to eliminate all the alcohol ingested without help.

3. Reduce cholesterol
In addition to having a thermogenic or "fat burning" effect, red tea helps lower total cholesterol and triglyceride rates and increase HDL cholesterol levels, commonly called "good" cholesterol. Its consumption could benefit people at risk of disease of the blood vessels and the heart.

4. Good for digestion
Red tea increases the secretion of gastric acid and exerts a protective action on the liver, an organ that plays a prominent role in the digestion and transformation of food into energy. Therefore, consuming red tea after meals promotes digestive function, intestinal transit and the production of gastric acids.

On the other hand, phenolic compounds called tannins give red tea astringent properties that make it useful for controlling diarrhea. It is also suitable for people with delicate stomachs.

5. Power the immune system
Red tea strengthens the immune system. Combined with lemon, cinnamon or ginseng it further enhances its antioxidant effect. It is of special help to prevent colds, colds and flu.

6. Raise the mood
It stimulates the nervous system slightly and helps to combat physical and mental fatigue, which translates into an improvement in mood, useful in depression processes. It is also helpful for headache and regulates blood pressure.

Ways to drink red tea and take advantage of its benefits
According to the scientific studies that have been carried out in this regard, it would be necessary to take 3 cups of red tea per day to provide the aforementioned benefits.

It may happen that taking it always in the same way can lead us to hate it. Although it can be taken in capsules, fortunately there are different infusions to enjoy its fat-eating benefits.

The first of the recipes consists of mixing red tea with ginger and cinnamon. Both ingredients are good for losing weight and when combined with tea we will achieve a very special taste.

The second combination is red tea with strawberry smoothie. It may sound strange, but I assure you it is not out of place at all. Strawberries are ideal for losing weight, since their caloric intake is minimal and the health benefits are considerable.

Finally, iced red tea is the best choice for those hot summer days. A refreshing drink and equally effective than other recipes.

Do not forget that red tea contains exciting substances such as theine, caffeine and theobromine. Although your contribution of caffeine is lower than that of coffee, you should not exceed the consumption of phu erh.

During pregnancy and lactation it is recommended to moderate the intake of foods with caffeine, including red tea. As a precaution, they should also limit the consumption of this drink who suffer high blood pressure, nervousness, anxiety and problems falling asleep.

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OlitaM I have not tried this tea, it is the first time when I read about red tea. I am coffee lover and sometimes I am thirsty for green tea. Recipes here are great dear Tammy I liked this mix with strawberries but in the Winter we haven't a real strawberries, these in the shops are not edible.
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