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Monkfish and prawns salmagundi

It is a fresh, healthy and tasty dish, ideal for summer menus but that we can consume all year. We can prepare it one day a day or even fit us into a special lunch or dinner, for when we are going to celebrate something at home, or when we go on a picnic or to the beach.
It is a very simple and safe recipe that will conquer you.

2 tails of fresh monkfish (600 gr.)
300 gr. of cooked prawns
1 tomato
2 scallions
1 small red pepper
1 small green pepper
black olives

extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt, black pepper and 1 orange juice.

As I said, it is a simple recipe, and after a few steps we will have it ready. We start by cleaning the monkfish tails, removing the skin and fins, you can ask the fishmonger who will do it without problem.

The prawns have to be boiled, I bought them already cooked to get work ahead. We open them and we only have our tails.
We cut them into small pieces. The heads and shell can be used for a fish fumet.

Cook the monkfish for 5-6 minutes in boiling water with salt to taste. We remove and reserve, to cool down.

We wash the vegetables, and chop them in fine "brunoise" (very small dice).
We remove the seeds from the tomatoes, and we also chop them in small cubes.
We add everything to the fountain where we will serve.
Once the fish is cold, we easily separate the monkfish meat from the central spine.
Each one of the loins is chopped into cubes, of a size that we can then eat them in one bite.
Add the shrimp tails and the monkfish (chopped) to the plate.

The vinaigrette:
We are going to use 3 parts of oil for 1 of vinegar.
In a glass jar, mix 6 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 of apple cider vinegar, the juice of 1 orange, salt and pepper to taste.

We cover the bottle, and move with quick movements up and down. In this way we get the vinaigrette to emulsify perfectly.
Let's pour over the rest of the ingredients, and mix well.
Let in the refrigerator at least 1 hour to cool, and then be cool.

Serve and enjoy it!

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