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3 years ago

Living healthily in a crazy world

Have you ever felt surrounded by problems?

Many times, our situations are not the best, and in passing the external factors that can affect us contribute to generating a large negative state in us.

In this world, we find ourselves surrounded by problematic situations, giant levels of unemployment, prolonged wars in the Middle East, assassinations and increasing insecurity in developing countries, the economy hampering the progress of many people, and this just to mention a few .

However, there is a solution that can allow us to create an infallible shield against the attacks of this crisis that has existed, exists and will always exist in the world around us.

It is therefore up to us to take action to get around these situations and not only get out well, but take advantage of it.

What happens when we experience a great crisis in a certain part of our lives? (For example, having a significant health problem, being fired from a job, or having monetary problems).

Actually when one of the links in our life chain tends to destabilize, the others also.

You could then want to work more and live less, you would stop exercising, you would prefer to consume something quickly and not think about eating healthy, you could live locked in day to day and focus more on the past than in the future and in the present and ultimately , you would stop doing all those things that you should be doing right now to feel better and to live better.

This is one of those moments where it is easy (and sometimes understandable) that you forget your goals. That you stop carrying out all those actions that could lead you to live a better life, instead of freezing you in the negativism of the moment.

Here is a great lesson: do whatever it takes to survive, but never, NEVER forget your dreams.

If that happens to you, there may be no reverse gear. You should never lose hope. It will always be in your hands to change your present and your current situation to aim for a better future.

In any case, today I want to share with you 6 ways to effectively remain constant and stable before the world's problems. Or in other words: 6 Ways To Be Healthy In A Crazy World.

All these things should be taken into account daily if you want to increase your levels of vitality and fulfillment in your life.

1. Replace the Television / Radio for Something More
The media will always be on the side of fear and manipulation, that is precisely their idea to market products that promise to diminish those fears. In fact, fear is one of the most important factors when it comes to selling, according to marketing experts.

Being informed is good. But being overwhelmed by a torrent of bad news, I do not think I can really contribute positively to anyone's life.

Instead of listening, reading or watching news, listen to a beautiful piece of music, dedicate time to your family, listen to audiobooks or PodCasts, read or write, or finally play.

Anyway, the time you spend playing, you will be much more productive than if you spend watching news, because at least play, you can put in a much more positive emotional state, than see the amount of corrupt moves, thefts and murders that occurred in the country.

2. Focus on the Positive
Try to balance the waves of negativism with a bit of positivism. Take 5 minutes in the morning (some days of the week) to write on paper, the reasons why you are grateful and happy in life.

It does not matter if these reasons are small, as long as they are significant. You will see how you will have more and more things to write, because you will amplify that emotional state, and in the process you will contribute with the Law of Attraction to create a favorable inertia.

3. Confront Your Fears
If you have no idea what are the motivations of your nerves and in general these stop you when you want to move forward, dig a little deeper and try to discover exactly what it is that moves your fears. Of course, this is not easy, but what is the worst that could happen? Identifying these situations can help you get rid of a lot of weight.

Especially when you discover that many of our fears are really based on obsolete mechanisms of unconscious protection against dangers that do not exist.

4. Invest More Time In Family
Dedicate more time to your family or friends. When things are not going well, we tend to isolate ourselves from others. This in fact, is not a very good alternative to say.

A better alternative is to surround yourself with other people. As human beings we need social interaction to feel protected. This, once again, is an unconscious millenarian mechanism that we have acquired through the intellectual evolution of our species.

Go out and enjoy a while. Instead of going out to drink alcohol, enjoy a sunset, or a park with children. Take long walks in which you can admire your surroundings, enjoy the simple. Distract your mind from the "Realism" of the world.

5. Take Care of Your Health
Stress has a big negative impact on your body, make sure you take control of your emotions and their effects on you. Be careful what you eat, sleep well every night, exercise as much as possible.

I know you've heard this a thousand times, but ... Are you really doing it?

6. Have fun!
Add as much fun to your days as possible, schedule your calendar time just for fun. The problems that you are going through could be real and quite serious, but this does not mean that it should be all the time.

Forget moments of situations having fun to the fullest. For example, devote an entire day to forget everything, turn off your cell phone, do not check the mail, do not open any social network Do not connect !, and program to have fun the way you like.

Something that comforts me personally, is watching humor movies. Also the games of physical dexterity.

Finally, our nature has programmed us to survive. To do what is necessary to last one more day. And in fact for many people today, survival has become their sole objective and full time.

It is in these moments where passivity is against us. Reading about what to do, and really doing it, are two very different things. Complete the first part to satisfaction 🙂

Now, it's time for you to start taking action in your life, to start applying these 6 ways to stay healthy and stable in this crazy world. Choose to live your life consciously, select the experiences you want to live and the emotions you want to feel, everything is in your hands.

This seems to me personally, a better strategy than simply being carried away by the apparent crisis that surrounds and attacks the world.

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