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Carnival Ears (Orellas de Entroido) Grandma Recipe

This is a typical dessert from the days of "Entroido" or Carnival in Galicia, next to the Carnival Flowers, of which I will share the recipe when I make them.
In other parts of Spain they are also made, known as Orejas or Hojuelas.

These dates are very special in Galicia, since the Entroido is one of the biggest parties of the whole year. It is typical to eat strong dishes such as Galician Cocido or Lacón with turnip tops, accompanied by desserts such as pancakes, orellas and flowers.

I tell you the recipe that is made in our house of all life, which has passed from my grandmother to my mother, and now I prepare it.

It is a simple recipe, without great complications, but it is advisable to follow a recommendation so that the ears are perfect. We like them fine here, so they turn out to be very crispy.

- Do not use baking powder. There are places where it is used, but they are soft and not crispy at all.

- Once the dough has been made, the necessary time must rest, so that it has the appropriate final texture.

- Instead of milk, we use warm water. The original recipe has lard, but we have replaced it with butter. Easier to find and to handle in the elaboration process.

- Before consuming them, it is necessary to cool them, and it is at that point when we sprinkle them with the icing sugar, not before.

- The oil for frying, we use sunflower, so that it does not flavor the dough. If you use olive, make it very soft. When frying, the oil should be hot, but without it smoking.

- Anise is used in most recipes. At home we throw very little (or nothing), and is replaced by lemon or orange zest. It gives a delicious touch.

500 gr. of wheat flour
100 gr. of butter (or lard)
2 medium eggs
100 gr. of white sugar
125 ml. of warm water
10 ml. of anise
Grated 1 lemon (or orange)
Sunflower oil
1 pinch of salt
Sugar glass (decoration)

First of all, we wash the lemon / orange, grate it and reserve it. Melt the butter in the microwave or in a saucepan.

In a large bowl, add the warm water, butter, sugar, eggs, lemon zest, anise (or not) and finally a pinch of salt. We mix everything well, so that we get a homogeneous cream without lumps.

Now add the flour, little by little. First mix with the help of a fork, and then directly with your hands. Knead until we have a smooth and manageable dough, something moist to the touch. We cover it with a clean cloth, and let stand (at room temperature) at least 1 hour.

Over time, we are separating small pieces, the size of a walnut. On the countertop, we stretch with a roller (or a bottle), so that we have the very thin dough. If you see that it sticks, throw a little oil on the roller.

We give them an ear shape, pressing one of the sides with a fork. They can also be rectangular, triangle, etc. to your liking

Heat plenty of sunflower oil (without fuming) and fry the ears, turn and turn, until they are somewhat golden brown. Make sure they do not go too far, and they remain a light color. Fry them in pairs, so they do not lower the temperature of the oil, and they do not stick between them either.

We are removing and reserve on an absorbent paper. We let them cool, we pass them to a dish / dish and sprinkle with sugar (or not) to decorate them.

They are very crispy, somewhat hollow and with a dimple. A traditional dessert that will not take you much work and you will succeed safely at the table.

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