By HappyLady
3 years ago

The Benefits of Writing on a Site like Tuetego

This is Freya the Catblog Cat speaking. I have been a blogging cat for years now. In the nature of cats I try to investigate whatever corner of the Internet I can.

My carreer began when I earned a reasonable amount on a site like this. It was called Bubblews and is now defunct.

That is a pity as it kept the dinner dish full for a while. Since then I have created my own blog which nobody reads on blogger and have a Facebook page called "Freya the Catblog Cat's Dinner Dish Tales."

I have blogged on Mylot and Persona Paper but not on Hubpages and there were others None has ever filled the dinner dish as well as Bubblews and that ended up a scam.

My Human and I like that this is a UK based site and seems to have a realistic cat food producing model
We think this might be a good place to stay, but have no illusions of becoming millionaires.

A cup of coffee for the Human and a decent feed for me will be a bonus.

However, my Human and I are agreed. The ability to write and get paid on a site like Tuetego may rarely fill a dinner dish, but it gets people writing and that cannot be bad.

Free from fears of publishers or editors we can all discover the joys of meowing out loud about the things that are important to us and the possibility of a packet of cat food thrown in or even the odd box is an added benefit.

Cat owners should note that the going price per blog post or article is a good feed of superior cat food. Cheap supermarket brands will not do.

Humans may enjoy writing on Tuetego but should lay off buying chocolate bars with their earnings.

I bid you all a good day and a mouse in it for fellow cats writing here.

Love from Freya the Catblog Cat xxx
3 years
NyishaHv Your cat is absolutely adorable :) I also have a cat.💖👍
3 years
3 years
HappyLady I know and she realy does sometimes blog to contribute to her keep!
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LAFFINGKNOME Great article and nice to hear from an intelligent cat!
3 years
3 years
Wandrnrose7 I was on Bubblews, too. It was good for a while. 💕
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