By Lenie
3 years ago

Take courage on things you're afraid to do

You need to go but has no strength to walk away.

What else to do when everything is failing and walking away is your last option?

Hanging in a steep is more painful than letting go. Maybe it is indeed true that sufferings is a choice when you can stop the hurt. Several questions are hanging inside your head weighing everything carefully because you are too afraid. Too afraid that a step can change the whole story.

One more thing is that you know what to do but you can’t just let it happen. You always tell yourself that one day you will have the strength to walk away from the people who are causing you the pain but stepping back is what you are always doing.

I don’t know why there were so many who has this attitude. The attitude of inflicting hurt on themselves when they really have a choice of stepping forward without turning their heads back.

Sometimes you just want to cry out loud and scream about things and people that are causing you so much pain. Tell everyone that you are too tired of being the one who understands and gives the most but you can’t. All you can do is just live in silence and don’t bother how hurtful it was on your part. When you know it is nonsense to speak, you remain unnoticeable while everyone remains insensitive about other’s feelings.

Are you still a believer on a shooting star and living in those fairy tales having a happy ending? It’s a yes when you still believe that what you have viewed to happen 10 years ago will still be the same. It’s not nice to be stuck in a place alone. You also do have to move. If you’re afraid of change then take it slowly but never ever be tired and stay again waiting for everyone to come back for you. It will not happen. It’s like you’ve waited for the sun to shine when it is really about to be dark outside.

Everything as well as everyone changes in time. Some may be unnoticeable but everything does change little by little like the other is rapidly having a transition and the other is just taking it slowly.

Free yourself. It’s just the only way for you to be able to start on your step one. Don’t worry about things that might happen. It is a part of having a choice than having nothing at all and just hanging between a no and yes. It’s more difficult to live in between. It will be hard for you and it will be harder for the people around you.

Are you ready to choose? Then choose only one.


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