By Nicboulton
3 years ago

Mother of 4 struck by a train

Sad sad news love to the family.x

Mother of 4 killed herself by jumping in front of a train at a busy station.
Charlotte cash has been named as the women who died she was a 34 years old with a family of 4 children. After sending a text message and handing her bag to a stranger before the train hit her.

One of the witnesses was Olympian Jenny Meadows who is feeling heart broken that a young girl died in front of her ,( which is sad in its self).
Another witness said that the woman (Charlotte cash) asked a man to hold her bag and when the man wouldn't take it off her she put her bag by his feet and then just ran off the platform.

I send all the family and friends lots of love and this poor women must of needed some help unfortunately like with many suicides it's normally to do with their mental state, mental health is something that people don't know what it is or that they even have it and what it does to the way you think about things.
RIP lovely lady
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ze2000 I can't understand it. It's just anti-natural, all animals would do anything to survive except humans.
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bee Very sad.. I don't know the circumstances which lead to her thinking the only option in life for her is to jump in front of the train, but when you have kids how do you go through with it?
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HappyLady I think this is so very sad. I wonder what help she needed and did not get. So sad for the family.
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