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I love chestnuts and I'm sure after reading this you too

Who has not tasted the chestnuts? It is quite likely that today you remember how, as a child, you walked through the countryside with your parents, your grandparents or your friends, in the search for these delicious nuts at a time when time was just changing, temperatures were lowered and the cold arrived.

It is, possibly, one of the most characteristic pictures of autumn: find whole families, with small children, armed with sticks and good boots to try to get the chestnuts out of their spiny capsule.

And what about the roasted chestnuts? It is also a properly autumnal dish, and just as characteristic in the cooler evenings of that time of year.

Be that as it may, as you surely know, there is no doubt that chestnuts are a healthy food with important nutritional benefits that we can find in the fall.

In fact, we could almost say that it is the most characteristic food of autumn, a time when it is common to eat them roasted to mitigate the cold that is usual during this beautiful time of year.

In fact, as we can see throughout this note, it is a tremendously nutrient-rich dry fruit, providing mainly carbohydrates and fiber, as well as B vitamins, ideal for reducing the symptoms of autumn, in the It is common to feel apathetic or melancholic.

The chestnuts come to be one of the fruits par excellence of autumn, a time and a time of change, of inner recollection, and a time in which we can begin to enjoy the cold, the rain, and everything that represents this season.

What are chestnuts?
The chestnut is the fruit of chestnut, a tree scientifically known as Castanea sativa, belonging to the fagaceae family and native to temperate climates typical of the northern hemisphere.

It usually measures between 5 to 11 centimeters in diameter, and is formed by a very spiny characteristic capsule, known as the pouch.

Inside the walnut with a bulging shape towards the outside and the inner side flattened, we find the fruit: after removing the hairy and velvety inner part of its shell we distinguish the seed, of color, shape and characteristic texture.

But what are the most important and prominent properties of chestnuts?

The highlights at first are the few calories they have, something that combines very well with its high content of fiber, protein and carbohydrates.

Precisely thanks to its high fiber content they become suitable foods against constipation. In addition, they are useful in weight loss diets because they exert a clearly satiating effect.

They are a good source of minerals, among which we highlight magnesium, potassium, iron and phosphorus, and according to some studies are attributed both anti-inflammatory and vascular properties.

Although they are also known because in digestions they can be heavy, if we chew them well and do not overeat them, this question would be solved.

Of course, for those people with a delicate stomach, we recommend that they be consumed cooked or roasted, rather than raw.

Your most important benefits:
High content of carbohydrates, proteins and fiber.
Low caloric content (around 190 Kcalories / 100 gr.).
High mineral content: magnesium, potassium, iron and phosphorus.
Vascular restorative and anti-inflammatory properties.

In fact, we can find them both in the field and in the market from September, until approximately the end of December (that is, between the months of autumn: September, October, November and December).

How to peel chestnuts and how can we roast them?
There is no doubt that before we can enjoy all the qualities that chestnuts offer us, it is very important to know how to peel them well. Actually it is very simple, since only a scalding process is required; that is to say, to scald the chestnuts to be able to peel them with ease.

You just have to make a small incision in each chestnut, put water in a large pot, and when the water starts to boil add the chestnuts. And then cut the cooking using a little cold water.

On the other hand, a deliciously autumnal option when it comes to enjoying them is roasting them. It is as simple as using an old frying pan, make a small incision in each chestnut and put them on the fire, leaving them to cook until they are well roasted (until their external part gets darker). Then we just have to remove from the fire, and being careful not to burn, peel them.

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