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Filled Canes


The fried canes filled with cream are one of the most typical desserts of Galicia.

One of those dessert recipes that do not usually miss at parties and on any occasion when the family gathers. Any excuse is perfect to bring to the table a tray overflowing with canes and share them in the middle of a lively chat. Always accompanied by a shot of coffee liqueur, a sweet wine or hot chocolate.
To prepare this recipe very simple ingredients are used, of those that we have at hand at all times.

It is not a complicated recipe although it requires your time (both the canes and the custard must be cold at the time of filling them so they do not soften) and patience. Because to get the right consistency of the pastry cream you have to stir continuously.

There is no doubt that the result, mixed with the crunchy touch of the outside and the delicate texture of the custard, is worth it!

Ingredients for the canes:
500 gr of wheat flour
1 egg
Sunflower oil

For the pastry cream:
500 ml of whole milk
100 gr of sugar
6 eggs
40 gr of starch or corn starch
Vanilla essence (optional)

Preparation of the dough and rolling of the canes

Sprinkle the molds with flour so that the demoulding is easy and we leave them nearby.
We beat an egg, we add 200 ml little by little. of water so that it mixes well and we reserve.
On a baking tray or a large dish spread the flour and sprinkle a teaspoon of salt. With the help of the hands we make a hole in the middle of the flour to accommodate the rest of the ingredients.
Pour 2 tablespoons of sugar and 2 of sunflower oil into that hole. We also throw the beaten egg with water.
We began to stir the contents of the hole in a circular direction with a fork, incorporating the flour from the walls little by little until it had a dough.
We spread a handful of flour on a counter, place the dough and knead it for about 15 minutes until you have a consistent and uniform ball.
With the help of a roller we extend the dough until we have a circle of only two or three millimeters thick. We cut it lengthwise into tapes about three centimeters wide with a knife.
We take a mold and begin to roll from the tip (ensuring that we do not leave a hole); with each turn we partially cover the previous round and when we reach the mouth of the mold we cut the excess mass. With the longer strips it will give us two reeds.
Frying of the canes
Heat a couple of fingers of sunflower oil in a non-stick pan and when it is hot, fry the canes until they are golden brown on both sides.
We are taking them to a covered source of kitchen paper so that they release the excess oil. You have to be very careful because inside the molds there may be hot oil and it is very easy to burn with it when moving them.
While the cañas cool, we are preparing the pastry cream.

Preparation of the pastry cream.

In a cup we throw the 40 gr. of corn flour and cover with a little milk. We stir until it has mixed well.
Heat the rest of the milk in a pan with a couple of tablespoons vanilla essence
In a bowl we mixed with a manual rod 6 egg yolks. Separate the egg whites previously with sugar, until uniform. We incorporate the corn flour diluted in milk little by little while stirring.
When the milk in the fire comes to a boil, we remove it and let it warm up.
Once the milk is warm we are pouring it little by little into the bowl while stirring with the rod.
Pour the mixture into the casserole and place over medium heat. Constantly stirring until it thickens and achieves the consistency we seek.
We put the cream on a plate and cover it with transparent film so that it does not crust, let cool.
With the help of a pastry sleeve and with the cold cream (so that the dough does not soften). Fill the canes once unmoulded, we are placing them in a tray. Sprinkle with a little sugar or icing sugar and go.
We already have a long-life dessert prepared to enjoy as a family or to invite friends ...

Tips for some fried roasted canes

The amounts of this recipe give about 24 canes (depends on how much the dough is stretched).
We must bear in mind that if we do not have enough molds it will be necessary to unmold. Cleaning excess oil from the mold and rolling strips of dough continuously until exhausted.
The only specific thing we need for this dessert are molds (usually conical). Although they are easy to find, you can buy them in any store with a section dedicated to baking.
The dough is rolled around these and after frying the canes it is filled with the help of a pastry bag. We can use one with a certain mouth or use those comfortable disposable sleeves.

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