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Do you know what the origin of that well-known phrase really is ... "The dog is the best friend of man"?

We believe that it is a popular saying based on the good attitudes of the dog, such as his love and fidelity to his family. But it is nothing more than the wonderful conclusion of a story that fell into oblivion and we should keep in mind.

The origin of the phrase "The dog is the best friend of man" goes back to the year 1869, when the lawyer George Graham Vest represented in a trial Charles Burden, the owner of an old foxhoun, a hunting dog that was killed Cold blood for his neighbor with several shots. The speech delivered by the lawyer, where the sentence is framed, served to win the trial and also changed the judicial history of the United States in relation to animal rights.

Charles Burden was an animal-loving farmer, known in Warrenburg County, Missouri, for the wonderful relationship he had with his dog, Old Drum. His neighbor, on the other hand, did not like animals at all and threatened him several times with killing the dog. One night in 1869 Charles found his dog's body with several shots on his neighbor's fence. Before the evidence of what had happened, Charles promised his four-legged friend to do justice for his death.

The owner of Old Drum showed up at the Warrensburg Court. There they laughed at him for pretending to hold a trial because they had killed his dog. Then, the maximum penalty against what is now considered animal abuse was only $ 150. He lost the first trial, but appealed until the case reached the State Court.

The disadvantage of the farmer in front of the defendant millionaire, who was represented by two eminences of the moment, hindered the case from moving forward. Charles and the colonel who helped prepare the trial, took advantage of the visit to Missouri of George Graham Vest, a renowned lawyer and presidential adviser, to present his case. Vest accepted the challenge that no other lawyer had dared to take for fear of the ridicule that was supposed at that time to defend an animal in the United States.

In 1870, a year after what happened, the day of the trial was finally announced. The defendant's lawyers based their argument on the economic loss that the death of the dog involved. It was just what George Graham Vest expected to hear. After reflecting a few seconds, Charles's lawyer got up from his chair, and as he walked from one side of the room to the other, he talked about the only thing that really mattered: a dog had been cruelly murdered. As if it were a film, Vest gave a speech appealing to the good qualities of a dog towards his family, the fidelity that keeps him forever no matter what happens. His words served to win the trial, a fact that also changed the judicial history of the United States regarding the rights of animals. In addition, today in the vicinity of the Court of Warrensburg stands a statue in memory of Old Drum and this judicial battle that marked a precedent.

This was part of the allegation that Charles's lawyer made to do justice for the death of his dog:

"Knights of the jury: The best friend a man can have can turn against him and become his enemy. Your own son or daughter, whom you raised with love and infinite attention, can show you ingratitude. Those who are closest to our hearts, those to whom we entrust our happiness and good name, can become traitors.

The money that a man may have can also be lost, he will fly when he needs it the most. The reputation of a man will be sacrificed for a moment of madness or weakness. People are willing to fall on their knees to honor our successes, they will be the ones to throw the first stone, when failure places clouds on our future.

The only, absolute and best friend that man has in this selfish world, the only one who will not betray or deny it, is his dog. Knights of the jury, a man's dog is at his side in prosperity and in poverty, in health and in sickness. He will sleep on the cold floor where the wind blows and the snow falls, only to be with his master. The hand that has no food to offer will lick the wounds and bitterness that the confrontation with the harsh world produces. If misfortune leaves his master without a home and friends, the trusting dog only asks for the privilege of accompanying his master to defend him against all his enemies.

And when the last act arrives, and death makes its appearance and the body is buried in the cold earth, it does not matter that all the friends have left. There next to the grave, the noble animal will remain, its head between its legs, the eyes sad but open and alert, noble and sincere, beyond death ".


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