By TammyWhite
3 years ago

Crimson Star Columbine

Aquilegia glandulosa, commonly known as Crimson Star Columbine, is a compact perennial that grows to only 12” tall. It features narrow, 2-ternate, blue-green basal leaves and nodding blue and white flowers (each to 1 3/4” long) which bloom in spring (April-May). It is very similar in characteristics to A. flabellate (fan columbine), primarily differing by having pubescent pistils and strongly hooked incurved spurs (to 1/2” long). Dull black seeds. Native from central Asia to Siberia.

Genus name comes from the Latin word for eagle in reference to the flower’s five spurs which purportedly resemble an eagle’s talon.

Compact shape makes this one of the better columbines for rock gardens. Also good in borders, cottage gardens, open shade gardens or naturalized areas. Can be effective in the sun-dappled areas of woodland gardens. Continue to water plants after bloom to enjoy the ground cover effect of the attractive foliage.

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