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Cream and Fruits Cake

The "Cream and fruits Cake " is very fresh and ideal to put as a dessert after a copious meal, in addition, it is very easy to make.
If there is a combination that I adore is that of cream and fruit and if it is received by a broken almond dough, I can not find anything that seduces me anymore.

This type of cake that I show you today is usually my most usual Summer Cake, a few minutes of baking, nothing heavy and success is assured because we like everyone cool.

A very simple and colorful cake with which we will be well without taking us a long time.

You can vary the fruits, use the ones you have at home, trying to alternate the color so that it is appealing.

- 180 gr. of butter and a little more to spread the mold.
- 1 pinch of fine salt
- 140 gr. of sugar (better ground)
- 50 gr. of ground almonds.
- 1 large egg
- 360 gr. (90gr. + 270 gr.) Flour.
400 gr. of whole milk
170 gr. of cream (you can replace it with whole milk) does not matter the percentage of fat
130 gr. of sugar
The skin of a lemon or a vanilla pod
5 egg yolks (or 5 eggs with clear included)
50 gr. of cornstarch
To cover
Strawberry jam (bestcase)
Kiwi, nectarines, strawberries, minced pistachios or the fruit you have at home.

Elaboration Mass

- Mix the butter to the point of ointment with the sugar, salt, ground almonds, egg and 90 gr. Of flour. (This step can be done in a food processor)
- When the preparation is homogeneous, pour it into a bowl, add the remaining flour (270 gr.) And mix with the hand in rapid movements (so that the butter does not soften excessively) and until a homogeneous mass is obtained .
- Reserve in the refrigerator wrapped in transparent film for one hour.
Stretch the dough
- Stretch on a vegetable paper, barely sprinkled with a pinch of flour, giving it an approximate thickness of about 3 mm. (If we need to sprinkle on top, remember that it should just be a flour noodle)
- Stretch the dough well, wrap it in the roll and pour it carefully over the buttered mold.

- Carefully without much manipulation of the dough, let's settle the side walls and finally pass the upper edges of the same roller to act as a knife and remove the rest of the dough or simply cut it with a knife.
- We chilled in the fridge for half an hour
- Preheat the oven to 185º

- First we will press with a fork all the bottom of the dough, then cover it with a vegetable paper and on it, legumes (I use chickpeas that I have left once for another and I have them saved for this use).
- Cook the dough in oven at 185º temperature for ten minutes. We remove from the oven, we remove the chickpeas and the paper. Once we have removed the chickpeas, we again puncture the bottom (to avoid any possibility that it rises in the second cooking) and we introduce again in the oven another 10 minutes or until the bottom of the dough gets that golden color we want.
- Remove, let cool and unmold.
- Reservation.

Elaboration of the Cream

- Heat the milk (reserve half a glass) and cream with lemon peel. Before boiling, add sugar and keep on low heat without boiling. Remove the lemon peel.
- Dissolve in a bowl the cornstarch in the half glass of milk that you had reserved and add the yolks beating well with some rods and you are adding it to the milk-cream mixture, while stirring.
- Increase a little the fire (but little) and without stopping to stir, wait until it reaches a boil and thickens. Turn off the fire.
- Pour the cream into a dish and cover it with clear film so that it will not crust over.
- Let cool and reserve.


- Place the broken dough base in the serving dish before starting to fill, so there is no danger of it breaking when it is heavier with the filling.
- Peel the fruits and laminate.
- Cover the base of the cake with the strawberry jam, then pour the cream and start to place the fruits laminated in a harmonious way.
- Paint the fruits with gelatinous gloss (optional).
- Serve cold.


If you want to keep the crunchy dough, in the last baking of the base, (when the legumes have already been removed) the moment you take it out of the oven (before it cools) paint with whipped egg white, let it dry a few minutes while cooling, a film will be formed that will prevent both the jam and the cream moisten the dough. It is not the invention of the century, but it helps.

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