By TammyWhite
3 years ago

'Bima Suci', a Vigo's giant for the Indonesian Navy

With 111 meters of length it is one of the largest sailboats in the world of its kind.
It is called 'Bima Suci' and is the new school ship of the Indonesian Navy.
A classic design capable of leaving anyone who sees it sauntering the seas with its 3,361 square meters of raised sails open-mouthed.
This marvel of naval architecture has a Vigues firm, it was made here, in Vigo by Astilleros with a little colaboración of the euskera studio Oliver Design.

The 'Bima Suci' sports a bric-barque rig, that is to say, three masts emerge from its deck, 47 meters high that support square, crab and scandalous sails. A challenge for a shipyard used to manufacturing exploration vessels, merchants or tuna vessels.

To shape the school ship, some 350,000 work hours and around 300 people were needed. The construction, from the cutting of the steel sheet of the hull until its delivery, has been extended for 26 months, although the first sketches were drawn more than three years ago.

Launched as 'Bima Suci', the name of one of the main heroes of Javanese mythology and whose image is represented in the figurehead, created in bronze by the Galician artist José Molares, the ship can accommodate 203 people, from the which 120 will be cadets.


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