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Are you taking Medication correctly?


-Around 400 deaths occurred over 12 years due to incorrectly taking drugs
-This is largely due to people taking the wrong drug entirely or the incorrect dose
-Taking medication more than the recommended once-a-day can cause problems
-Heart drugs, pain medications and hormonal therapies are the most concerning
-Researchers are calling for prescription labeling to be made clearer for patients

Tompson, A, Health Reporter, (July 2017)

Results revealed that taking prescribed drugs incorrectly caused approximately 400 deaths during the study's 12-year duration.
This was largely due to people taking the wrong drug entirely or giving medication to someone else, as well as taking an incorrect dose.

Taking medication more than the recommended once-a-day was also behind some of the fatalities.
The most common incorrectly-taken medications are heart drugs, such as beta blockers, pain medications, including opioids, and hormonal treatments, like insulin.

People taking such drugs for drowsiness, lethargy, low blood pressure, dizziness, vertigo, or an abnormally fast or slow heart rate are the most likely to make medication errors.
The findings were published in the journal Clinical Toxicology.

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Smokey2017 Smokey takes her blood pressure tablets every day
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Maydelene I agree on this post...
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NatashaT1994 You should definitely read on how much of that medication you can take. My allergy tablets you can take I think it's 4 a day the most with 4-6 hours apart.
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Smokey2017 I take my blood pressure tablets
One in the morning
And one at night
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