3 years ago

am scared of the unknown ...... I NEED HELP :(

we are all scared no matter big or small ... fear decides are path but it doesn't have to lead you down a dark one. let me help you face yourself

The only thing you can really do to conquer your fear is to face it, of course! The key is, you need to start small... something like consciously deciding to stay home alone for an hour or two while everyone is out.
Then move on to something like driving (or walking nearby if you don't feel OK to drive) by yourself to get food, wash your car, go shopping, or maybe even something more leisurely like going to the bookstore to hangout and browse around. Anything that will keep your mind a bit busy like accomplishing a specific goal will probably be easier to begin with.
Try to do these sort of things for an hour or two once a week, then after 2-3 weeks try going somewhere by yourself or being home alone twice a week. Keep adding a few hours of being alone each week until you are not afraid anymore, and you will naturally realize it was just the lack of experience or fear of the unknown that really frightened you.
The only thing you should be wary of is just to stay at least in a public place to begin so you do not feel you are endanger of a criminal approaching you, which would just add to your fright. If you are in public, there is a significantly lower chance of someone trying to hurt or harass you for whatever reason.
Imagine you are a baby with the same conscious mind you have now, and you are learning to walk. When you try to walk, you are so afraid because you may fall and it just doesn't feel right! Well, this is similar. You just need to keep trying it til you are used to it. I don't like being alone that much either, but it is very important that you lose the fear and accept it is just a part of life.
Eventually, you may even realize that being alone sometimes is a nice way to recharge and focus on your lovely self.