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The Vela Supernova Remnant
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St Kilda: an abandoned island paradise
La Delivrance: a statue in North London
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Mystery in A Passage to India by E M Forster
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Wicken Fen, Cambridgeshire
Seeing Red: a "Shakespeare" story
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At sixes and sevens
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St Benignus
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Reykjavik, Iceland
Gribbin Head Daymarker
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A load of bunkum
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Javanese: Indonesia's respectful language
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Titian: a great Venetian artist
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Roman Leicestershire
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Dead Ringer - the origin of the term
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The Prison and the Sea: a poem by Lydia Fulleylove
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Standard 10
The Senate House Library of London University
Baltimore's Museum of Art Sculpture Garden
Patrick Abercrombie: post-war town planner
How to play Windmill solitaire
"Grey Area" by Fred Wilson
"Cage", by Gerhard Richter
How to play Beleaguered Castle
The game of Lexicon
Who wrote the Pentateuch?
Common bird's-foot-trefoil
The Shakers
The history and architecture of Lichfield Cathedral
The history and architecture of Durham Cathedral
A Useless Organiser: a story
Wandering albatross
The George Inn, Southwark
The kepi: military headwear
Grimes Graves, Norfolk
Masked booby
Red-billed tropic bird
Gough and Inaccessible Islands
Durham Cathedral Tower
Newgrange, Ireland
The long haul
Pirin National Park, Bulgaria
Tips for becoming a better listener
Castles in England
The four colour conjecture
La Montagne Saint-Victoire, by Paul Cezanne
Carthage, North Africa
The Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
Baobab trees in trouble
Fancy a debate with a computer?
All aboard the starship to Proxima Centauri!
The Quintinshill rail crash, 1915
Horseshoe vetch
A poisoned chalice?
Oceanic whitetip shark
Damien Hirst: British artist
There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In a Shoe: what does it mean?
The dragon of Halong Bay
Jeanne Hachette, the heroine of Beauvais
Jeff Sessions and Romans 13
Hare's-foot clover
Divided by a Common Language
Bangor, North Wales
Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria
Trojan asteroids
Red clover
The Case of the Missing Doughnut: a story
Inca tern
White clover
Thorny devil
Common restharrow
Meadow crane's-bill
Dunbar, Scotland
Bird in Space, by Constantin Brancusi
Paddington Station, London
Three-nerved sandwort
The ironic history of Empire Windrush
Disneyland's first day, 1955
Square-stalked St John's-wort
Wild pansy
The myth of Sir Walter Raleigh's potatoes
Field penny-cress
Treacle mustard
Hedge mustard
Wild radish
Greater celandine
Something Raymond Forgets: a story
Yellow horned-poppy