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Wolf Killer

In many literary and cinematographic circles they defined the werewolf as the product of a curse and there are many different interpretations as to how this being can be freed from its destiny, however a sacred plant for the ancients was related to werewolves and power to control its unwanted transformation, I am referring to the "Aconite".

The connection between poison and werewolves probably dates back to medieval times, since it was not uncommon to use poison as a way to kill leopards, rabid dogs and wolves, just as some believed that witches used poison to cover his broomsticks and this was the magical ingredient for them to fly.

The aconite is hardy and very rustic. The whole plant is poisonous. This plant has different vulgar names such as luparia, monk's cap, wolf killer, wolf's bean, devil's snuff or anapella, is a perennial herbaceous plant, which can be found in the European mountains, with beautiful purple flowers.

The substance it contains is aconitine.
Aconitine causes death by paralysis of the various vital systems, but also generates among other symptoms of sweating, mydriasis, salivation until death. There is no antidote for this toxin, where the advantage of being very suspicious. The plant has been used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine.
A milligram of this is enough to kill an adult. If you touch the aconite, the first symptoms of intoxication will be tingling and numbness. Consume it causes burns in the mouth, vomiting and diarrhea. It also causes cardiac irregularities: it slows down the heart and may end up killing.

Ancient hunting tribes daubed the tips of their arrows with aconite to poison their prey. In fact, the legend tells that a pack of wolves appeared dead after ingesting this plant by mistake, and since then it is also called "killer whale".

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