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Why do women think men cannot do certain things?

Why is it women think men cannot do chores like vacuuming or pegging out the washing? Is it that women have been brainwashed into thinking these things are women's jobs? Is it some instinctive thing that they think this of men?

It seems though whenever I peg out the washing for example the female in my life has to come out and spot check what I have done and re-arrange it and to me its so damn annoying!

For goodness sake many men these days do the shopping, look after the kids, do the chores while their wife works and there is nothing wrong in this. Of course for those who prefer the old arrangement where the woman stays at home and does all of the above that's fine too.

For me men who refuse to do house work, cooking, washing, looking after the kids, etc are not men as we understand it in the modern age. They belong somewhere back in time and if they wish to be like this again that's their choice but not for me.

I speak as a man who has been a house husband, been a single father to a daughter, done house work, shopping as well as all the other jobs men are expected to do.

Terms like man up irritate me we don't say woman up and things like man flu also irritate me do we say woman flu?

Looking across Facebook there are many men's rights groups and rightly so because in the law for example unless I'm wrong women still get more rights of looking after the kids in any divorce proceedings. That's why there was the group 'Fathers for Justice' a little while ago and while dressing up as Batman or Spiderman and scaling tall buildings may have seemed ridiculous it was the only way they could get their message across.

Women have their rights but still face an uphill struggle when it comes to equal pay and women should get the same pay as a man in similar job. Retirement should be equal too between men and women not 60 for women or 65 for men but even this is changing due to people living longer.

But men now in general do need to man up if I have to use that term in this modern age where things have changed like being a father to their kids, doing chores etc. The way men are portrayed on the television as being stupid like on adverts (maybe some of us are) when compared to women is all wrong too.

It also strikes me that some women want rights but still expect men to be the one to make the first move when it comes to asking for a date or holding doors open for them or pulling a chair out for them in a restaurant. Like they want their rights but still expect men to treat them as if they are the weaker sex which they mostly certainly are not.

Just some thoughts peeps.
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LiaF7 It is very difficult to generalize when we speak of behaviours. Not all women think of men in the same way, nor do all men have the will or knowledge to do certain housework. Now about manners taught for how to behave as a gentleman, i guess it has to do with women liking to be courted. Women tend to be more addicted to small details and courtship makes them feel pampered.
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ze2000 A person is intelligent, people are not. When we talk about "women" as a group we can apply this because it's a constant in human beings. They gain power with the new laws that favour them in many ways (laws always favoured men in the past) and they feel strong as a group so they do the same mistakes men do. That is undermining the aptitudes and qualities of the other sex.
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annie07 It's just like men think certain things women cannot do. Well both of them are wrong. It's just the error we make. Everything is possible for males as well as females.
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